Pink and Yellow Fairy Dress with Purple Corset by Becky

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Today is sort of a guest post! My cousin Becky and I, as I mentioned a couple days before, drew some paperdolls together – she did two, and this is one of them. I love the way the yellow makes the petal skirt look so vibrant, and the detail on the corset top. Yep, my family is cool! Someday I’ll have a paperdoll jam session with my mom, too.

Becky loves her beautiful dresses too, as you see if you look around her deviantart gallery. This one is my favorite, with the gauzy layer on the skirt done so nicely (and the guy’s cloak! Unlike me she can actually draw men) The advantage of paperdolls over everything else, though, is that all I really care about is the outfits! Yep, paperdolls are a superior art form… haha, OK, maybe just for me.

White Gown and Corset with Peach Embroidered Inset from Taylor Swift’s Love Story

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Now I don’t really listen to country music, possibly because I fear being disowned by my dad, who says if he starts to listen to it of his own volition, we will all know he’s gone senile. Still, when Janel wrote about a beautiful dress that she was helping a young friend reproduce, it was almost a foregone conclusion that it’d end up on my blog, even if it did come from a country music song. It’s called Love Story by Taylor Swift, and I think it’s a lovely music video even if I am getting teased by Brian about it.

Since she spends almost all her time in this dress standing behind a balcony, and because I’m watching the video on YouTube, I can’t really tell how the skirt looks; the corset should be about right, but the skirt is more of a guess. From this photo it seems to have some interesting construction going on, but that’s just about the only picture I can find with the full skirt. (The arial view in the video doesn’t count, but it does give away that there is a longer train on the real thing than on the paperdoll. Unfortunately, while her costume designers likely have access to yards and yards of fabric, a proper train would have run off the side of my paper. Paper Dolls 1, Real Life 1.) Should anyone else wish to reference it, I used these two pictures when drawing the corset.

There’s been a tremendous amount of interest in this dress, so I wanted to add two things: One, I’m definitely not the designer — that would be Sandi Spika. Two, Janel wrote a FAQ on the Love Story dress that answers questions about the dress and is very helpful to anyone wanting one for themselves.

I’m glad there’s no clear winner in the poll yet, it makes the Grand Halloween Showdown so much more fun…

Hobbit Girl Paper Doll for my Mom

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I’m still on vacation (will be until Saturday) and trust me, I’ll have a lot to say about it when I’m back home! In the meantime…

I drew this hobbit girl for my mom a few years ago, I think for her birthday. My mom is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and we both pretty much agree, if we were in that world we would make excellent hobbits. (Second breakfast? Yes please) So here’s a little hobbit girl with four outfits.

Anyways, I’ll be back home on Saturday, but between the red-eye flight home and the time zone changes, I might be too loopy to post anything for a day or two…

Bai Ling’s Green Satin Corset and Plaid Balloon Skirt via Go Fug Yourself

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Now, I don’t read People or any of that, beyond what I can’t help skimming at the checkout line or if I’m reeeally bored at the dentist’s office. I don’t mean to be snobby about it — I’ve certainly got enough nerdy, timewasting obsessions to make up for the lack of this particular one — but the whole celebrity gossip thing just never has been quite my thing. Except… for the blog Go Fug Yourself. It’s shallow, catty and downright hilarious. I think the appeal, for me, is something like, “Here is this gorgeous woman, and she has looks and money and access and stylists, and she’s at some amazing event where she knows there will be pictures taken of her and… she is wearing… what? why?” I haven’t a particle of style and I don’t really follow fashion, but even I’ve got better sense than to wear a dress like this.

And now they’re doing their Fug Madness, and I was Team Peldon, but then she got spanked by Sharon Stone. So I switched my allegiance to Team Bai for the final rounds. (That would be Bai Ling. “She was in Star Wars, right?” says Brian. Among the followers of Go Fug Yourself, that isn’t precisely what she’s known for.) She and Posh are squaring off on Monday, and I have total confidence in my girl Bai… Posh just doesn’t have the crazy I associate with quality fug.

So this is an outfit that Bai wore sometime in 2007 and, the more I look at it the fonder I am of it, actually. I mean, that skirt.