Pink and Yellow Fairy Dress with Purple Corset by Becky

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

Today is sort of a guest post! My cousin Becky and I, as I mentioned a couple days before, drew some paperdolls together – she did two, and this is one of them. I love the way the yellow makes the petal skirt look so vibrant, and the detail on the corset top. Yep, my family is cool! Someday I’ll have a paperdoll jam session with my mom, too.

Becky loves her beautiful dresses too, as you see if you look around her deviantart gallery. This one is my favorite, with the gauzy layer on the skirt done so nicely (and the guy’s cloak! Unlike me she can actually draw men) The advantage of paperdolls over everything else, though, is that all I really care about is the outfits! Yep, paperdolls are a superior art form… haha, OK, maybe just for me.

11 thoughts on “Pink and Yellow Fairy Dress with Purple Corset by Becky

  1. Hey that scanned a lot better than it looked at the time! ^_~ Paper dolls may be the superior art form, but I will always love the magic of computers.

    Thanks for putting my dress up! I feel really flattered! <3

  2. Lovely!! And that is one of my favourite favourite colour schemes, too. You both do such excellent, beautiful work!!

    You have a pretty strong argument for the superiority of paper dolls :D The only downside I can think of is getting bored drawing the same pose each time. But as long as we all get to make, and look at, pretty outfits, it’s all good!

  3. Becky: See, that’s another thing about paperdolls. I finish a dress, I don’t like it all that much, I put it up anyways even though I can hardly stand looking at it, and the next day I think “It’s not so bad” and a month later I love it. :) Thanks for letting me put up your dresses!

    Jill, I’m glad someone appreciates the better scans, it seems like no one else cares whether they have stripes or polka dots or whatever ;)

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