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The Celestial series

Outfits drawn after January 2014 will fit these dolls.

An adult female doll in a long, flowing gown. She has olive skin and shiny brown hair arranged in large curls that extends past her shoulders. Her expression is serene and she has hazel eyes, subdued purple eyeshadow and natural pink lipstick. She has pearl earrings and pink fingernails. She is wearing a one-shoulder gown with a white satin bodice patterned with thin, light grey scrolls. The skirt of the gown is yellow near the waist, then gradually turns to orange, then to red near the hem, and is sparkling all over. A gold belt separates the two parts of the gown, and has a large amethyst circled by a ring of pearls. She is wearing a gold circlet decorated with pearls and three smaller amethysts. An adult female paper doll in a white and purple gown. She has dark brown skin and black hair arranged in several small box braids that curve gently around her face and fall past her shoulders. Her eyes are brown with tiny gold flecks, and she has sparkly gold eyeshadow. Her lips are full and deep red, and she is wearing pearl earrings. She is wearing a sleeveless dress with a scoop neck, slightly gathered at the shoulders. The top is white satin, decorated with a pattern of light grey spirals. Around her hips is a belt made of gold, with a sunburst pattern in the middle. Set in the middle of the belt is a brilliant topaz rounded with pearls. The skirt is long and trumpet shaped, flaring out at the calves, and is light magenta at the top and deep purple at the base. It is covered all over with sequins. She also wears a gold circlet decorated with pearls and a second topaz.Emi, the new doll. She has light skin with yellow undertones, dark brown eyes and brown hair gathered up in a bun, with bangs and two curls around her ears. She is wearing a sleeveless gown with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is white satin with a subtle scroll pattern,  and the skirt is sparkly all over and starts off sky blue, then gradually turns into dark blue at the hem. It's gathered into folds at the hips, while the front of the dress appears flat. There's a golden belt with a scroll pattern, and at the center is a magenta gem surrounded by a ring of pearls. There's also a gold circlet decorated with a magenta gem and two pearls.A pale-skinned adult woman doll. She has wavy red hair that falls partially over one eye, curved eyebrows, grey-green eyes and smokey eyeshadow. She has thin coral lips and small pearl earrings. She's wearing a sleeveless white top with a high scoop neck, patterned with swirls and flowers, and a long skirt that goes from light green to dark bluish-green and sparkles all over. It's gathered in front and fans out around the ankles, giving it a mermaid silhouette. There's a golden belt around the hips, accented with a orange gem ringed with pearls, and she wears a golden circlet decorated with golden beads, pearls and a small orange gem.

Grace and Ivy

Outfits drawn between October 2009 and January 2013 will fit these dolls.

Grace is an adult female paper doll. She has dark brown skin and long, straight black hair. She has starry eyes and a slight smile. She is wearing a sunny yellow off-the-shoulder gown with an empire waist decorated by three orange opals, as well as a gold tiara decorated with more opals.Ivy is an adult female paper doll. She has light peach skin and wavy, long brown hair. She has bright eyes and a sweet smile. She is wearing a deep blue sleeveless empire-waist gown. The neckline is decorated with an opal.

Iris and Sylvia

Outfits drawn before September 2009 will fit the following two dolls.

Iris is an adult female paper doll. She has dark brown skin and curly black hair. She is wearing a sleeveless lavender wrap dress, patterned with dark purple flowers around the hem and white lace by the neck and hem.

Sylvia is an adult female paper doll. She has light peach skin and wavy dark blonde hair. She is wearing a sleeveless green halter dress patterned with white flowers and red dots and trimmed with yellow ribbon.

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  1. I remember when I first discovered your website in 2009, when I was eight. So far, it’s been five years, and I’m still here today. Thank you Liana for staying with me throughout my childhood ♥

      1. Love your art.. I am confused though because are you on Facebook or ?? I do not have Twitter or Etsy really acted up and Pinterest and it took a long time to find you on the web!!! Not sure if I can print PDF ON my Apple Tablet as it is really odd to tell you the truth…. Any suggestions if you want to respond to which is hit and miss… I do not want a bunch of ads for sure and how do you pay you.??? Seems when I went on this web sites it just caused a lot of issues….Any suggestions would be great…
        Sharon Pearce

  2. Hi Been having a great time going thru your posts…you are very talented and incredibly creative, Congrats!!!!
    I wanted to follow your blog but got a funny message as a response… : (

  3. I thought your designs were beautiful and I was wondering if you could send out you best ones to me and i might be able to use them in a book i’m writing my friend and i will approve of them if you do so desire.

  4. These dolls and dresses are beautiful! I would love to wear the rainbow tulle one, or the sparkly, twirly rainbow dress.
    I hope you make more!

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