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Welcome to Liana’s Paper Dolls! I draw clothes from my life, what I’m reading, or what I’m currently interested in, and I try to post one new outfit each week. I hope you enjoy my work!

About Liana

My name is Liana Kerr, and I’m 32 years old and live in Tacoma, Washington. I love drawing paperdolls, and also reading, walking, cooking, studying Japanese, playing video games and watching movies. I’m married to Brian Kerr and we have two cute cats. (That one on my shoulder is Radar.) We also have a toddler named Milo.

If you want to know more about me, there’s always my twitter feed.

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  1. I used to visit your site years and years and years ago, well three kids, a husband, and two houses ago. I recognized your art right away when I seen it on pinterest and now I am visiting your new blog and still very much impressed. Great to see your paper dolls again. :) Now I can share them with my daughter and I’m sure she will love them just as I did.

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