White Gown and Corset with Peach Embroidered Inset from Taylor Swift’s Love Story

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Now I don’t really listen to country music, possibly because I fear being disowned by my dad, who says if he starts to listen to it of his own volition, we will all know he’s gone senile. Still, when Janel wrote about a beautiful dress that she was helping a young friend reproduce, it was almost a foregone conclusion that it’d end up on my blog, even if it did come from a country music song. It’s called Love Story by Taylor Swift, and I think it’s a lovely music video even if I am getting teased by Brian about it.

Since she spends almost all her time in this dress standing behind a balcony, and because I’m watching the video on YouTube, I can’t really tell how the skirt looks; the corset should be about right, but the skirt is more of a guess. From this photo it seems to have some interesting construction going on, but that’s just about the only picture I can find with the full skirt. (The arial view in the video doesn’t count, but it does give away that there is a longer train on the real thing than on the paperdoll. Unfortunately, while her costume designers likely have access to yards and yards of fabric, a proper train would have run off the side of my paper. Paper Dolls 1, Real Life 1.) Should anyone else wish to reference it, I used these two pictures when drawing the corset.

There’s been a tremendous amount of interest in this dress, so I wanted to add two things: One, I’m definitely not the designer — that would be Sandi Spika. Two, Janel wrote a FAQ on the Love Story dress that answers questions about the dress and is very helpful to anyone wanting one for themselves.

I’m glad there’s no clear winner in the poll yet, it makes the Grand Halloween Showdown so much more fun…

33 thoughts on “White Gown and Corset with Peach Embroidered Inset from Taylor Swift’s Love Story

  1. I actually love country music. Should I get worried?
    They were also the only songss I could understand in english when I started learning the language years ago, since the words are normally very clearly pronounced and not “eaten up” like by some pop singers.
    The dress looks great ;-)


  2. BEAUTIFUL Liana! I wondered if you were working on it by some of the comments I read. :) Glad to see it.

    Thanks so much for that full length photo/shot. I didn’t see that one when I searched for them. I’m not quite sure what’s going on there either, but it’s purdy. ;) I printed out both and will have to see what M wants to do.

    I just spent the last 30 minutes or so watching Taylor Swift music videos. Gosh she’s got great taste in dresses! And now Ana’s singing, “Shoulda said no…” and wants the blue dress from the “Our Song” video. oh boy. I may hav created a monster.

  3. It was too cute. The first thing Ana did last night was bring Melinda her copy of the paper doll dress. Melinda was thrilled – too. :)

    The blue dress you linked is another one of our favorites! And thanks so much for the link to Sandi Spika. I will definitely be spending some time there!

    This is the “Our Song” dress… It’s the skirt. :) http://sandispika.com/images/stories/fashion/taylorswift07_1_v_e.jpg


  4. I have lookded many places for this dress and i am a freshman in high school i was wondering if you can make this dress if you could please e-mail me at my e-mail address…thank you so much….

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    My sewing abilities are limited to things like pillow covers, but you might be able to find someone in your area who could make a version of it. If you click through to Janel’s blog, she’s making her own version, so that might give you some ideas. Good luck!

  6. im wondering if i can use the gown for my wedding…but i dont know the details on that gown…can you send me some pictures… the gown is so…. pERFECt!! haha!!

  7. You know, I was actually at that castle in the video. It’s when the TN renn. festival is held every year. Terribly small…I prefer large castles but hey…a castle is a castle.

  8. I love that dress, when I saw it it gave me an idea for mi sweet 16 party.I’m gonna use the dress as an idea for the theme of my party and for the design of my dress, that I’m gonna design. And by the way I love taylor’s songs. All the way from curacao in the caribean, bye.

  9. That’s just insulting to all southerners! Why the heck can’t your dad listen to country music? I think he needs an intervention …. ;-)

  10. omg claudia at the top are you from tiwian if so it’s me grace! hiiiii i miss you so much ps i hope you like your birthday present i sent you :)

  11. taylor if you r reading this…. you r awsome and i hope i can come to 1 of your concerts soon so ppppllleeeaaasseeee come to philadelphia agian cuz i can’t make the other philly show i’ll b in south carolinia soo u rock and i umm well u rock n same 4 ur myspace! :) peace!!

  12. Hi Liana,
    You know the way you said you had to guess what the skirt looked like?? well i found a wesite called “The Taylor Nation” which gives a very detailed picture!!!! Just thought id let you know!!! BTW: I LOVE your dresses that you drew!!! i was wondering if you could draw the dress Taylor Swift wore in her music video Teardrops on my guitar!!!!
    Charlotte Xxx

  13. Hi Liana! Congratulations!! I love your work, it seems to be a meticulous gown. I was wondering, how is the back of this dress. Could you explain me about it??

  14. i love this dress i have seen taylor and she says that she loves it so much taylor swift and me miley cyrus/hannah montana are so much alike we love the same things and every thing so i have to go do a concert now so i have to go

  15. ashley is sooo right. who ever said that they are miley cirus. is lying they are person tring to get you to thing that.taylor swift dress is relly pretty. i like the dress in our song better the black one when she is plaing the guitar.1 more thing miley and taylor look nothing alike

  16. It’s not exactly like the real dress, but it very close. The strip down the skirt is a darkish brown.

  17. WOW!!! amazing! I love that song (Love Story). And I love Taylor Swift. And Taylor if you are reading this. Could you PLEASE come to Billings MT to do a concert (or somewhere near by). I love you and the dress. Thanx. BYEEEEEEEE

  18. Is this a real dress you made?Iif it is could i possibly rent it for prom?? i have been looking everywhere for this dress, the only place i found it was on Ebay and it was too expenisve!
    Thanks. -Heather.

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