Copyright and Reuse

You can use the artwork here according to these terms: In short:

  • You are free to copy, distribute and transmit my drawings.
  • You must attribute them to Liana Kerr (with link).
  • You may not use them for commercial purposes.
  • You may not change, transform, or build upon them.

I waive the terms about building upon them for use with collages made with Polyvore.

Please look at the full license agreement before doing anything with the artwork. I picked this license because it allows people to copy and share my work, but not make money off of it or screw it up.

If you would like to create something (a costume or a doll dress for example) based off of one of my ideas, please refer to these guidelines:

  • The item must be for personal use only: no selling it, reselling it or otherwise profiting off of it.
  • Only one item can be made from a particular design.
  • Where possible, give attribution to me with a link to my site.
  • It’s not a requirement, but if you make something cool, send me pictures of it!

If you’re a writer, and want to use an outfit or outfits as inspiration for what your characters are wearing, my answer depends on the situation: if you’re writing fanfic or just for your own pleasure, I don’t mind in the least, and if you’re hoping to have your work published, I’d encourage you to make up your own outfits.

If you want to do something that doesn’t seem to fit this license, please e-mail me.

If you see my artwork somewhere in a way that doesn’t seem to fit this license, please use this form to let me know. You could e-mail me, but it’s easier to keep track of things this way. Thank you!

17 thoughts on “Copyright and Reuse

  1. Two quick questions for you. I wanted to make sure it was still ok for me to put my colored versions of your dresses up on DeviantART. I obviously will continue to give the credit to you and link back to your page.
    My second question was that while you were gone I drew some dresses and outfits myself using Ivy as the model. I know I sent one to you but wasn’t sure about any of the others and wanted to know if you would like to see them, and if so how to get them to you. The only ways I know would be to e-mail them to you or to put them up on deviantART too. If I did this I would again make note that it was your doll and link it to your page. Thanks, and again, so glad your back!

  2. Hi! =D im making a story and i would love to put your dresses as outfits my character wears!
    Im not going to take the credit of drawing the dresses and im going to put your name ‘Liana’ that is your name right? as the maker of the dresses ^^ ~~ Naeko.
    Please message/email me back.

  3. Molly, Naeko, I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions before — I totally missed that comments showed up on this page ^^;;

    Molly, both things are fine with me! I’d say to put them up on deviantart, things tend to get lost in my mailbox.

    Naeko, go for it and good luck with your story :)

  4. Hiya!

    First off, your dresses are beautiful!!

    I was just wondering if I could use some of them for a maths game I’m making for a few little girls in my class who love princesses and would adore your dresses!

    Thanks, George.

  5. Go for it, George! I wonder what you’re planning, though? I probably would have done better in math if it involved princesses…

  6. They are very little and have difficulty getting numbers in the right order, so we are helping the laundry lady hang the Princesses dresses out on the washing line in the correct order. Or something to that effect hopefully :)

  7. hi. i absolutly love your dress designs. i hope one day to have a costume shop opened up that i can run but i lack finances and time with my schooling (accounting major) art is my passion though and i can always turn to your designs for insperation and to get away from chores and other stuff i dont wanna do. lol thank you so much for your beautiful art.

  8. i was also wandering if you might be able to make a dress from memoirs of a gheisha. the one im thinking of is the one the main character sayuri wears for her first official preformance where there is fake snow on the stage. if youve already gotone like that up, could you make the red one hatsumomo wears? and if you havent seen the movie please go watch it its great. again thanks for the beauty you bring to the art world.

  9. I am going to be in grade 12 this year and have found some perfect prom dresses from your drawings and would really like to get one of your dresses made for real by a dressmaker. Is the above alright to do? It’s so difficult to find an amazing prom dress (as I don’t like much of the modern dresses) so your designs are perfect!

  10. MY GOSH WOMAN!! You are AMAZING! Just saying. Your imagination and your talent is just…amazing!! I wish I could draw like you!! Thank you for drawing such beautiful creative dresses!! Seriously!! Thank you!! I’m so checking this website for the rest of my life and showing my friends! You are so awesome! I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!

  11. I’m wondering if we can use some your lovely art work in a history clothing print out,a free shared pdf, for our school children.
    (All credit with your name, for the art work will be listed on each page).
    The girl’s will enjoy adding faces, hands and shoes – then colour the ‘dolls’ in and pop the completed piece inside their hist notebook

  12. Hi
    I stumbled onto you site by accident. I’ve been a costumer for about 38 years. Lately, I’ve been making costumes and clothes from drawings my daughter has made. You can see some of this work on my blog. Check out the Queen of Hearts. My daughter designed it and I walked her through it for her senior project. Your drawings are amazing and wonderful, especially the historical ones (I’m into historical costuming). Have you ever considered a collaborative effort to make some of these made into real, one-of-a-kind 3-D costumes?

  13. Not sure if anyone has brought this to you yet… Have you ever considered designing these and selling them on Second Life??? I play on a medieval role play location where women are clamoring for gowns and sets like this… It would be easy to take your designs and make them in the 3d form… let me know please

  14. I am creating a website about fantasy and historical costumes/clothing and I was wondering if it would be okay if I posted some of your work on there. It would be for inspirational purposes only. I think that your dresses are amazing so I would like to post them on there. I would make sure to have your name under all of them.
    Let me know
    Maddie :)

  15. Brittany, thank you! I’ve never seen that movie, but if I do I’ll keep your comment in mind.

    Melissa, sorry my reply is late… As long as you don’t resell it or have more than one made, it’s fine with me!

    Jenny, thank you so much! ^^

    Chelle, sorry for the late reply — that would be fine with me.

    Teresa, I still have to reply to your e-mail… sorry ^^;;

    tammi, that’s fine with me, as long as you don’t resell it or make more than one!

    Rae, I dabbled in Second Life clothes designing many years ago, and I did enjoy it, but the idea of having to manage a shop was completely and totally unappealing to me, so I never went very far with it.

    Maddie, as long as it’s within the Creative Commons guidelines, with my name and a link and so on, that’s fine with me!

  16. I’m going to close comments on this page, because (as you see) I keep forgetting that people can leave comments here and I overlook them. Please e-mail me if you have a question about copyright, but please read all of the material on this page carefully first.

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