1882 Wedding Dress with White Flowers and Train

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So remember I have three types of grey pencils: French Grey, which is what I usually use, Cool Grey, which has a bit more bite to it and is what I used for the wicked queen, and Warm Grey, which I usually ignore. Now, when I was sketching out this dress, my Warm Grey pencils called to me, and they said “What about us? It’s been a whole week of white wedding dresses, won’t you use us this time?”

Do me a favor and remind me not to anthropomorphize my colored pencils. There’s a reason I never use my Warm Grey set, and it’s that they’re just too darn dark! I’m under no obligation to be fair to my Prismacolors, otherwise you would see a lot more Salmon Pink and Muted Turquoise. So I’m sorry that this wedding dress is a touch too grey, even though I started it fairly early in the day I didn’t have enough time to redo it by the time I realized it wasn’t quite what I wanted. Also, I didn’t have enough time to do the veil and bouquet either, and now I am rushing to post at least the dress before we possibly lose power. I will do them tomorrow.

Anyways, this is an 1882 gown, and I like it despite the fact that it’s a little bit too grey… I’m quite fond of Gilded Era gowns, even if it’s unwise to try to finish one in a single day.

18 thoughts on “1882 Wedding Dress with White Flowers and Train

  1. I can’t seem to bring up the PDF for this, and thanks so much for fixing the evil queen’s wedding dress! :)

  2. Lindsey, it should be good now, there was a stray ‘e’ in the URL. And, uh, I haven’t fixed the evil queen yet ^^;; I will do that tomorrow when I make the veil for today’s dress.

  3. Now I have to wait a whole extra day to put this in my book with the others lol. By the way, I completely filled up one composition book and have started on another one. I was at Border’s the other day and found one with fairies on it :)

  4. I’m so curious to see what you do for the black and white one tomorrow since most bridal gowns are white. I’m praying that by next week I’ll have my printer set back up so I can start printing stuff off again.

  5. I like how this gown turned out. The shape of it is awesome. I imagine its a widow who is remarrying and doesn’t want to offend her family so is wearing the gray gown instead of white. Teehee like that then the gray is perfect!

  6. This is lovely, Liana. I especially like the gathered (pleated?) lace above the knife pleats. I too am fond of Gilded Era gowns, but they can be a bit “much” when you want to get one done quickly.

  7. Speaking as one who has great interest in the guilded age from a historical stand point I absolutly adore this dress. The warm grey is fine, it doesn’t make the dress too dark it makes it a sort of pearl grey.

  8. Thanks, everyone. :)

    It’s true I’m almost always too hard on myself… Sometimes it leads to me doing really awesome things, and sometimes it leads to me getting depressed and discouraged. So I don’t know if it’s a positive or a negative thing, overall ^^;;

    Speaking of being too hard on myself, I’m sorry for skipping Saturday and the veil — it’s been a busy weekend! They’ll be up, soon :)

  9. I LOVE this dress – I happen to be a huge fan of gray wedding dresses! I love just the hint of color accents. Good job!

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