Evil Queen Wedding Dress with Black and Purple Trim

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You may or may not have seen this, but there’s a line of wedding dresses based on the various Disney princesses. You can probably guess that I’ve got a soft spot for Ariel and the gang, and I’m certainly fond of my pretty princess gowns, but it seems to me like something was left out… The fact is, it’s the villains who deserve the most spectacular wedding dresses! If you really think about it, theirs ought to be even more wonderful than any ever made for your standard issue simpering, vacuously beautiful princess. I mean, wouldn’t that be part of the joy of being a villain? You don’t have to worry about looking modest or maidenly, frugality isn’t even in your vocabulary, and if anyone out there gives you static about your wedding colors or where you have your registry, well, darling, that is simply the kind of situation that pet dragons, leftover poisoned fruit or comic-relief henchmen were created for.

So, let us pretend for a moment that Snow White never quite made it to the little cottage in the woods, and there were no red-hot shoes or other such fates for the Evil Queen. (Did you know that in the Disney version she had a name? I didn’t, but it’s Queen Grimhilde, according to Wikipedia. There’s your trivia for the day.) After her husband’s unfortunate death, she found her own Prince Charming, handsome, lacking in empathy and appropriately weak-willed, and threw herself a wedding good enough for the fairest of them all. I like to think that eight sweet little village seamstresses went blind embroidering the trim on her dress, and that the lace underskirt — which you will note, isn’t even visible, although I assure you it’s fantastic — is stained a kind of rusty red with blood from the fingers of artisans working themselves to the bone to get it done before the big day. (Sure, it could have been washed, but why would she? She likes it better this way.)

Now, I don’t really think you could package this up and sell it to a modern audience. Why? They couldn’t handle all this fierce in one dress, that’s why. For most humans, it’s probably better to stick with an imitation of Cinderella or Belle.

I’m not entirely sure that this is small enough to print on one page – so if you print it and it doesn’t work, let me know and I will fuss with it. (It’s almost 11 PM, so I’m rapidly running out of patience…) Also, I think the collar would be tough to cut out; I think you would have to cut between the doll’s shoulders and neck and her hair, and then you would cut a line straight through the middle of the collar, so the collar would slip behind her neck. Or cut off the collar entirely, I won’t hold it against you. It won’t seem as evil, though – some sacrifices must be made to achieve the proper look, you know.

23 thoughts on “Evil Queen Wedding Dress with Black and Purple Trim

  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE this! What a cool idea to do Disney Villains. And yeah, I’ve already had to cut into her hairline in order to get necklaces on her.

  2. This has to be my favorite dress so far, but just a small bit of the left side of the veil is missing; when you put it in PDF.

  3. Evil wedding dresses! Pure win!
    You know, I have a book of Grimm’s fairy tales and I’m not sure I knew her name. Which is odd, because I adore original version fairy tales. Maybe I have an abridged version. Or need to read it again.
    I don’t think the collar should be too hard for me, I tend to have good luck with fitting since I glue the dresses on. Like for the medieval dress, I just snipped the veil flowers off and glued them on separately.
    I’ve been printing Grace for every outfit but I think for this I’ll have to print Ivy and color her hair with my new Prismacolors (I love them. Took me a while to get used to them, but I love them!) and try to make her look as much like the evil queen as possible.
    I do believe this is the longest comment I’ve ever left you.

  4. I forgot to ask something and I figured I should do it now because I’ll forget by tomorrow. Do you think you could sometime do an outfit based on the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix? Like Sabriel’s blue surcoat and bell bandolier (probably spelled that wrong) , or Lirael’s red library waistcoat, or the Clayr’s white robes. I would love you forever.
    I’m making mistakes in every word I type. I should go to bed now. It’s 2:30 AM XD

  5. It is almost like the queen is trrying to appear sweet and angelic with the white but evil is seeping out into the trim. Nice job!

  6. Hah, I’m glad you all like this ^^ This is another one you can thank Brian for. So often I’ll be about half done and not like it, and I’ll show it to him and he’s like “Yeah, it’s great!” and point out the things he likes and make me feel all encouraged again.

    Lindsey, thanks for the printing report! I will fix it at some point today — probably just put them on two separate sheets, I think. I guess I can assume that the .png version is the same way? Has anyone printed that out?

    Sami, I’m glad you’re having fun with the Prismacolors ^^ I’ve never read that series, but I’ll put it on reserve at the library.

  7. woa this is really cool! I love how you’re doing a bunch of wedding dresses. This one isn’t my favorite but it’s still pretty awesome (:

  8. Thank you Brian for encouraging her. I adore this dress and it would of been such a shame for it not to come to fruition. I think i need to make me a villain dress. There’s just so much more style to it!

  9. Thanks everyone :)

    Angel, now I kind of regret not doing a week of villain wedding gowns instead ^^;; I think the solution is to do more villain dresses in general, because they’re extremely fun…

  10. If you’re going to reserve the Abhorsen series then I should probably tell you the first book is called Sabriel. They’re great books, I hope you like them ^^

  11. this is really good, but I think an evil queen would have something a bit more on the dramatic side. maybe one of those huge medieval headdresses, or a jeweled turban would be more appropriate than the veil. just a suggestion, otherwise, very good! : )

  12. I love this dress, and especcially the sleeves, and now, at least i know that the Queen’s name was Queen Grimhilde…

  13. Love the dress, I think I heard of the witch being called that, but i’m pretty sure it wasn’t for the Disney movie.

  14. Oh, you should definately do more villian dresses! My boyfriend would love a Maleficent dress (he fell in love with her as a little boy, because she is a dragon (please note, she does not just turn into a dragon, she IS one), so if she ever comes for him he’s dumping me).

    Also, those so called Disney wedding dresses remind of nothing from the films. They just look like your typical modern wedding dresses to me >.>

  15. For putting on a doll, I recommend cutting straight down through the middle of the collar behind where the neck would be. And maybe do a little tape reenforcement on the right side where it’s thin.

    Lovely dress!

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