Sarah Palin’s Pink Jacket and Grey Pencil Skirt from the Katie Couric interview

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There has been a good deal of interest in Sarah Palin paper dolls of late; I don’t intend on doing any more, but they do exist elsewhere. Here’s a reasonably respectful Flash game with her, and here’s a more critical take, done as a traditional doll.
And the last in my four-day series of 2008 American presidential election figures, Sarah Palin. This is the outfit she wore for her interview with Katie Couric.

I’ve got some people searching for Palin’s pink jacket, so here’s the image that I used as reference: Sarah Palin Meets With Foreign Leaders During UN General Assembly. There’s more from the same set, which can be found by going to Getty Images and searching for Sarah Palin, date range 9/24/2008 to 9/24/2008. This is also how I found my pictures of the other three, if anyone needs reference for them.

I expected her to do a little better in the poll, considering the splash she’s made in American news for her “sexy librarian” look, but she’s just barely holding her own over Hillary and the pantsuits as I post this! Well, one more day to vote…

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to do a month of Halloween costumes; politicans have been well and amply covered, but please feel free to post other suggestions!

Hillary Clinton’s Orange Pantsuit from the 2008 Democratic National Convention

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For someone like me who is enamored of skirts and frills, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits are alien, but I suppose if I was a tenth as busy as she must be and people were following me around hoping for a picture of me looking unkept, I would probably switch to the pantsuit as well. Also, after looking at dozens of pictures of her in pantsuits, this picture of her jackets being checked against stage lighting completely cracked me up. It’s not like there’s anything inherently funny in it, but just the fact that the jackets are all the same except for the color made for an amusing tableau. It feels like online shopping for clothes, where you select a different color on a skirt or something and the color switches but the picture stays the same. You can almost see the intern fussing around with Photoshop sliders. (I tried changing this image that way, but had mixed results.)

Anyways, this is a rendition of the pantsuit that she wore on the second day of the Democratic National Convention. Not quite right, as usual — the doll’s body is too long, which is a lot more forgiving to work with for skirts than for pants!

And don’t forget to vote…

Cindy McCain’s Yellow Shirtdress from the 2008 Republican National Convention

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I started this dress over three times and still got the collar so very wrong. Really a shame, since that’s the thing everyone remembers about the dress (or at least, any Daily Show fans) but I don’t really want to redraw it. Anyways, this is the outfit that Cindy McCain wore on one of the days of the Republican National Convention, the one that Vanity Fair said was supposedly $300,000 — that is, $3,000 for the dress plus Vanity Fair’s estimation of how much the accessories cost, which also assumes they’re right about the diamonds. This dress took a while to grow on me, being as how I thought it looked like a raincoat with an unfortunate collar at first, but now I rather like it. Too many accessories, though, with the diamond earrings and all those pearls and three military-themed pins and one big watch. (Although, if I owned those pearls, I’d probably wear them 24/7, so…)

By the way, my October project — I can’t keep a secret — is to try to draw one Halloween costume each day of October. So, start thinking about what you’d like to see, because I will be considering requests over the month!

And don’t forget to vote…

Michelle Obama’s Turquoise Blue Dress from the 2008 Democratic Convention

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I’m sorry I’ve been such a slacker for the last few months! My essential nature, or the problem with my essential nature if you will, is that I can do just about anything for two weeks, and then it’s on to my next all-consuming interest. I do my best work in the depths of an obsession. So, I’ve worn out about two months worth of other projects, and now I’m back to paper dolls. I have a project for October, so I want to start again now… a warm-up, if you will.

Since the U.S. presidential race is much on my mind as of late, I thought outfits from the current political scene would be a fun way of burning up the days between now and October 1. I’ll do one from Michelle Obama’s wardrobe, one of Cindy McCain’s dresses, a Sarah Palin outfit and of course a Hillary Clinton pantsuit. Please note that this is not an invitation to debate politics or insult any of these women on the comments here! (Well, paperdoll fans are a civilized lot, and I probably lost all of my readers in my two-month vacation anyways, so I should be safe.)

I personally like Michelle Obama’s dress here that she wore when she spoke at the 2008 Democratic Convention. Can’t find any good pictures of the little center ornament, though — and the color of the dress changes from picture to picture, it seems!