Sarah Palin’s Pink Jacket and Grey Pencil Skirt from the Katie Couric interview

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There has been a good deal of interest in Sarah Palin paper dolls of late; I don’t intend on doing any more, but they do exist elsewhere. Here’s a reasonably respectful Flash game with her, and here’s a more critical take, done as a traditional doll.
And the last in my four-day series of 2008 American presidential election figures, Sarah Palin. This is the outfit she wore for her interview with Katie Couric.

I’ve got some people searching for Palin’s pink jacket, so here’s the image that I used as reference: Sarah Palin Meets With Foreign Leaders During UN General Assembly. There’s more from the same set, which can be found by going to Getty Images and searching for Sarah Palin, date range 9/24/2008 to 9/24/2008. This is also how I found my pictures of the other three, if anyone needs reference for them.

I expected her to do a little better in the poll, considering the splash she’s made in American news for her “sexy librarian” look, but she’s just barely holding her own over Hillary and the pantsuits as I post this! Well, one more day to vote…

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to do a month of Halloween costumes; politicans have been well and amply covered, but please feel free to post other suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Pink Jacket and Grey Pencil Skirt from the Katie Couric interview

  1. you have returned! yay!

    i thought cindy’s dress was way too vampy. hot pink is tooo 80s, and michelle’s dress, though classy, didn’t really get my attention. so i had to vote for hilary, even if she did look like an ice cream bar. but then, i think she can get away with it.

    : D

    p.s. i finally made an exclusive paper doll blog of my own (inspired by you!) ~ and then quickly got sideswiped by life. but i am hoping to get back posting again.

  2. Wonderful blog, I love it! I added it to my links, too :) That Edwin Booth doll is delightful, did you end up submitting it?

    And yeah, that was one of the thoughts that came to me while drawing Hillary’s outfit… the obvious choices are beiges and blacks and greys, so it takes no small amount of guts to wear those head-to-toe bright oranges and yellows and still look like someone who can take that 3 AM phone call.

  3. Yay you’re back!!! It’s so nice to see you’re alive. How about a traditional witch costume for one of your days of Halloween costume. Very nice political costumes by the way!

  4. Thanks Kathleen, and don’t worry, if I died I’m sure Brian would post something for me ;) I think a traditional witch costume would be fun, so look out for one!

  5. Hello! i think pink jacked gives her more professional look but feminine at same time!Match pensil skirt with a pullover or button up vest to the collared shirt and you will have the same effect!

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