Cindy McCain’s Yellow Shirtdress from the 2008 Republican National Convention

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I started this dress over three times and still got the collar so very wrong. Really a shame, since that’s the thing everyone remembers about the dress (or at least, any Daily Show fans) but I don’t really want to redraw it. Anyways, this is the outfit that Cindy McCain wore on one of the days of the Republican National Convention, the one that Vanity Fair said was supposedly $300,000 — that is, $3,000 for the dress plus Vanity Fair’s estimation of how much the accessories cost, which also assumes they’re right about the diamonds. This dress took a while to grow on me, being as how I thought it looked like a raincoat with an unfortunate collar at first, but now I rather like it. Too many accessories, though, with the diamond earrings and all those pearls and three military-themed pins and one big watch. (Although, if I owned those pearls, I’d probably wear them 24/7, so…)

By the way, my October project — I can’t keep a secret — is to try to draw one Halloween costume each day of October. So, start thinking about what you’d like to see, because I will be considering requests over the month!

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