Hillary Clinton’s Orange Pantsuit from the 2008 Democratic National Convention

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For someone like me who is enamored of skirts and frills, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits are alien, but I suppose if I was a tenth as busy as she must be and people were following me around hoping for a picture of me looking unkept, I would probably switch to the pantsuit as well. Also, after looking at dozens of pictures of her in pantsuits, this picture of her jackets being checked against stage lighting completely cracked me up. It’s not like there’s anything inherently funny in it, but just the fact that the jackets are all the same except for the color made for an amusing tableau. It feels like online shopping for clothes, where you select a different color on a skirt or something and the color switches but the picture stays the same. You can almost see the intern fussing around with Photoshop sliders. (I tried changing this image that way, but had mixed results.)

Anyways, this is a rendition of the pantsuit that she wore on the second day of the Democratic National Convention. Not quite right, as usual — the doll’s body is too long, which is a lot more forgiving to work with for skirts than for pants!

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4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Orange Pantsuit from the 2008 Democratic National Convention

  1. It’s not fair to SP if we vote without being reminded of her outfit. I don’t remember it very well but then again I didn’t watch much of either convention.

  2. I already have the outfit I want to do for her picked out – go to gettyimages.com and search for “Sarah Palin Meets With Foreign Leaders During UN General Assembly” — it’s the one with the pink jacket and grey skirt. If that affects anyone’s vote, please, by all means check it out ;)

  3. While I love Michelle Obama’s style, I like your rendition of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit. Great color shading. Such a change from her Senate run and the 6 black pantsuits.

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