Wiki Dress #2: Gold Harvest Gown with Green Peplum and Celtic Patterns

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Now, I happen to know my mom edited this revision of this dress, and therefore it had to be drawn, because my mom’s awesome. I think I ought to ask her to design me dresses more often when I’m feeling unimaginative! She’s also more dangerous with the Prismacolors than I am – she does absolutely gorgeous drawings of flowers and plants on cards, then sends them to people. She jokes that you only get to come to her funeral if you got a drawing from her. Here was her description of the dress:

A sunflower yellow bodice,green peplum with a beyond floor-length skirt done in blended colors of harvest. The hem is heavily decorated with a matching line of Celtic designs in dark blue, with golden accents.

The neckline is decorated with very small dark gold and blue accents, with tiny sparkling swarovski crystals and blue pearls in the center. The waist is decorated with a slim swirly golden pattern and small crystal beads, and the skirt is draped, cascading down to the floor.

She also has a pair of long dark green gloves that reach halfway up. The back of each hand is embroidered with harvest and Celtic designs. On her feet are soft blue satin slippers.She also has a subtle webbed crystal frill tiara (worn front-to-back)with dripping tiny blue seed pearls. Around her neck is a matching crystal and single pearl necklace.

I guess you have to imagine the satin slippers, and there wasn’t enough space on the glove for a harvest design, but I think this came out really nicely and hopefully close to what Mom was imagining. This is one where I wish I could show you all the original — the harvest colors on the skirt are a lot prettier on the real thing. It made me decidedly twitchy to finish coloring the skirt, then draw patterns all over the hem, but it worked, I think!

Magic Wiki Dress #1: Purple Gown with Black Tulle Skirt and White Shift

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Wikipedia was never as fun as my Magic Wiki Dress, at least for me anyways. I loved watching things shift from dinosaurs to masquerades back to dinosaurs, and so on. Brian was at Recent Changes Camp 09, a conference at wikis, this last week (which is what inspired the post in the first place) and he reported that Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the wiki, said at the “Creation Myths of Wiki” session that for a wiki to really work, “you have to believe that not done is better than done.” A perfectionist like me doesn’t always get that, but I feel like I did while watching the wiki get edited. I could let it go all year and see what people come up with — and I definitely want to draw some of the other outfits it produced. But to make things simple, I gave it a deadline this time, and this was the last outfit that got posted before noon on the 21st. I don’t like how the sheer purple part turned out, I forgot all about the gloves, the silver scrollwork turned into black scrollwork somewhere along the line and I took some artistic license on the shift, but I think it turned out pretty nicely! It was definitely interesting to draw…

Magic Wiki Dress: The Aftermath

Thanks to everyone who added something to the Magic Wiki Dress! I had so much fun watching the dress evolve. Here’s the final version:

A purple bodice with a sweetheart neckline and basque waistline, embroidered
with light purple flowers over a floor length white shift whose neckline, with
a little lace, peeks out from under the bodice.
Over the shift, is a tulle skirt with the hem embroidered with
silver fancy scrollwork. Over that skirt is a
is a sheer purple skirt with train. It matches
the coloration of the purple bodice.

The sleeves of the white shift are visible under the bodice,
ending at the elbow.
The neckline is decorated with very small silver
and black accents- tiny sparkling swarovski crystals
in the center of small flower embellishments. The waist is
decorated with a slim swirly purplely pattern and small crystal

She also has a pair of satin gloves that reach to her wrist.
Each glove is embroidered with
a vine, winding around it and small purple flowers all along the glove.
On her feet are matching black satin slippers.

She also has a subtle webbed crystal frill tiara (with detachable
silk veil) with flower patterns and dripping tiny purple seed
pearls. Around her neck is a matching flower pendant made from
crystals. and she has subtle matching dangle earrings

However, I liked a lot of the other dresses that showed up, so I will probably draw a few of them as well next week. After all, I can’t resist tiny helpful pterodactyls, and I feel it is necessary that I prove to someone that blended harvest colors look lovely. So, thanks for doing the work for me for coming up with so many great ideas!

Click here to look at the revision history and get a sneak preview of what I’ll be drawing next week.