Magic Wiki Dress #1: Purple Gown with Black Tulle Skirt and White Shift

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Wikipedia was never as fun as my Magic Wiki Dress, at least for me anyways. I loved watching things shift from dinosaurs to masquerades back to dinosaurs, and so on. Brian was at Recent Changes Camp 09, a conference at wikis, this last week (which is what inspired the post in the first place) and he reported that Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the wiki, said at the “Creation Myths of Wiki” session that for a wiki to really work, “you have to believe that not done is better than done.” A perfectionist like me doesn’t always get that, but I feel like I did while watching the wiki get edited. I could let it go all year and see what people come up with — and I definitely want to draw some of the other outfits it produced. But to make things simple, I gave it a deadline this time, and this was the last outfit that got posted before noon on the 21st. I don’t like how the sheer purple part turned out, I forgot all about the gloves, the silver scrollwork turned into black scrollwork somewhere along the line and I took some artistic license on the shift, but I think it turned out pretty nicely! It was definitely interesting to draw…

11 thoughts on “Magic Wiki Dress #1: Purple Gown with Black Tulle Skirt and White Shift

  1. So pretty! I love it! I’ve been on a purple hiatus lately, but I think you’ve killed that. So purple and I thank you.

  2. I think you can blame my husband, actually… I was complaining that no one seemed to be editing the wiki anymore, and so he went in and changed every color to purple. It got edited a little bit after that, there’s some black and white now, but the purple endured ;)

  3. Oh,this creation is gorgeous! Actually, I must tell, for me it feel so extremely well with a majestic outfit today, because the Crownprincess of Sweden has been engaged at february 24(I am from Sweden, and I am wery, wery happy for this)!I will put up an entry about this on my blog later today.

  4. Thanks everyone :D

    Jan, I’m definitely doing this again at some point so no worries ;) Not sure how to set it up for next time, but I had such fun watching it evolve. I love how the dinosaur-rocker green netted gloves became the green satin gloves with gold lace became the green poison-tipped claw gloves…

    Smalltown Mom, I’m not going to ignore the tiny helpful pterodactyls :) I was working on the assumption that my husband put those in, but he claims he didn’t…

    Wow, Annissa, that’s great! I hope she’ll be very happy (and wear a great wedding dress to draw ;) )

  5. Oh! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this dress! I do think this is one of the most beautiful dresses you have made! =D

    Lianetta c=

  6. I just love this dress. I saw a picture of it (sited, :) that’s how I found your blog ^_^) and went through your blog until I found it so I could tell you. I really do think it is beautiful.

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