Magic Wiki Dress: The Aftermath

Thanks to everyone who added something to the Magic Wiki Dress! I had so much fun watching the dress evolve. Here’s the final version:

A purple bodice with a sweetheart neckline and basque waistline, embroidered
with light purple flowers over a floor length white shift whose neckline, with
a little lace, peeks out from under the bodice.
Over the shift, is a tulle skirt with the hem embroidered with
silver fancy scrollwork. Over that skirt is a
is a sheer purple skirt with train. It matches
the coloration of the purple bodice.

The sleeves of the white shift are visible under the bodice,
ending at the elbow.
The neckline is decorated with very small silver
and black accents- tiny sparkling swarovski crystals
in the center of small flower embellishments. The waist is
decorated with a slim swirly purplely pattern and small crystal

She also has a pair of satin gloves that reach to her wrist.
Each glove is embroidered with
a vine, winding around it and small purple flowers all along the glove.
On her feet are matching black satin slippers.

She also has a subtle webbed crystal frill tiara (with detachable
silk veil) with flower patterns and dripping tiny purple seed
pearls. Around her neck is a matching flower pendant made from
crystals. and she has subtle matching dangle earrings

However, I liked a lot of the other dresses that showed up, so I will probably draw a few of them as well next week. After all, I can’t resist tiny helpful pterodactyls, and I feel it is necessary that I prove to someone that blended harvest colors look lovely. So, thanks for doing the work for me for coming up with so many great ideas!

Click here to look at the revision history and get a sneak preview of what I’ll be drawing next week.

6 thoughts on “Magic Wiki Dress: The Aftermath

  1. Oh darn, I just read the dress design again, and must have deleted the color of the gloves. Darn I wanted the gloves to be green satin and the shoes to be green leather.

    Do you remember the monochromatic trend in the late 80’s. When the idea was to wear all kinds of different natural fabric, but in the same color. I remember having an outfit that was a cotton green shirt, with a matching green wool jacket and a green leather skirt.

    I wish I had enough talent to draw, I can just see the dress, but not make it.

  2. Wow! This really will be more than fun to see coming up! So many beautyfull dresses (I sugessted a dark red with heavy flower enbellishment on the hem)!

  3. Thanks, everyone, I hope I can do justice to the dress :)

    I don’t think I was old enough to remember the monochromatic trend, but I guess my husband was — he’s the one who turned everything about the dress purple, it turns out. Thanks for putting in color even if it didn’t quite work out (maybe someone else had the same idea at the same time?)

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