Wiki Dress #2: Gold Harvest Gown with Green Peplum and Celtic Patterns

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Now, I happen to know my mom edited this revision of this dress, and therefore it had to be drawn, because my mom’s awesome. I think I ought to ask her to design me dresses more often when I’m feeling unimaginative! She’s also more dangerous with the Prismacolors than I am – she does absolutely gorgeous drawings of flowers and plants on cards, then sends them to people. She jokes that you only get to come to her funeral if you got a drawing from her. Here was her description of the dress:

A sunflower yellow bodice,green peplum with a beyond floor-length skirt done in blended colors of harvest. The hem is heavily decorated with a matching line of Celtic designs in dark blue, with golden accents.

The neckline is decorated with very small dark gold and blue accents, with tiny sparkling swarovski crystals and blue pearls in the center. The waist is decorated with a slim swirly golden pattern and small crystal beads, and the skirt is draped, cascading down to the floor.

She also has a pair of long dark green gloves that reach halfway up. The back of each hand is embroidered with harvest and Celtic designs. On her feet are soft blue satin slippers.She also has a subtle webbed crystal frill tiara (worn front-to-back)with dripping tiny blue seed pearls. Around her neck is a matching crystal and single pearl necklace.

I guess you have to imagine the satin slippers, and there wasn’t enough space on the glove for a harvest design, but I think this came out really nicely and hopefully close to what Mom was imagining. This is one where I wish I could show you all the original — the harvest colors on the skirt are a lot prettier on the real thing. It made me decidedly twitchy to finish coloring the skirt, then draw patterns all over the hem, but it worked, I think!

9 thoughts on “Wiki Dress #2: Gold Harvest Gown with Green Peplum and Celtic Patterns

  1. It’s just as I imagined it! Perfect!Thank you! And thank you also for the kind words. I don’t deserve your praise but enjoyed it none the less.
    I am proud to have such a talented paperdoll artist for a daughter.

  2. Holy wow. That’s beautiful! Yellow/green is NOT one of my favourite colour combinations, but the way you did it is so elegant and pretty. I especially like the Celtic designs on the skirt hem. Wow. I’m too busy wow-ing to be jealous.

    Now I’m wishing I’d participated in the Magical Wiki Dress design process, but I didn’t want to overload you.

  3. Yes, Holy wow is the right words. It`s great!!! Love the Celitic desings. Tell your mum that she have done a great dress design. =)

  4. Mom, I’m glad it’s close to what you envisioned! :)

    Eleanor, I was a little dubious when I read it too.. I like green (as you can probably guess) but green and yellow doesn’t usually do much for me. I was reading the description and thinking “This is never going to work.” But I think it came out really nicely balanced!

    Thanks Camilla :D

    Yeah, Diana, I think you’re right — it’s funny because Mom’s directions specified harvest and Celtic designs and I only put on one Celtic knot. A little more gold would have been just the thing, so… once again, my mom is right ;)

  5. Hi Liana. I feel a bit stupid, but i got this ideas after the tv-show “Let`s Dance” This ideas arent so very classic, but something for halloween?? This is my idea: Black lether “corsett” whit a long “clockskirt” or a Cowgirl outfit: A nice topp in emerad green, a jeans skirt, a wihte cowboyhat with a green ribbon and cowboy boots……. =/

  6. Hi Camilla,
    What’s “Let’s Dance”? Is it like Dancing with the Stars or something completely different? I like your ideas :) I wanted to do a cowgirl for Halloween last year but never got one done. I’ve put them on my ideas list, thank you!

  7. Yes, “Let´s dance” is the swedich version of Dancing with the stars. =)Thanks for likeing my ideas. =0)

  8. This is one of my favorites. I love dresses that have a bodice top, and an overflowing skirt that has a train. I love the way this dress looks on the paperdolls! Good work!

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