White Princess Dress with Rainbow Skirt

A white gown with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder poofed sleeves. The bodice is covered with a lacy pattern, and different colors of gemstones scattered along the edge and trailing down towards the waist. The full skirt is covered with seven layers, one for each color of the rainbow, with red near the waist, then orange underneath it, then yellow, green, blue and finally purple. Each layer is longer than the one before, and they split at the front of the gown to reveal the white underskirt, with its lacy pattern, which reaches to the floor.Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

Hello, everyone who’s still reading! You’ll be glad to know I’m doing well and really enjoy being a mom. Milo is a good-natured, active, curious little boy and every day with him brings something new and wonderful. There are frustrating days too, of course, and around here my suggesting to Brian “Why don’t you take Milo for a walk?” is essentially code for “Please please please let me have a baby break.” So Brian takes baby to the cafe and gets some iced coffee. Daddy gets coffee, a walk and baby time, mommy gets some breathing room and a chance to relax, and Milo gets fussed over by everyone Brian encounters. It’s win-win!

Milo has been a little high-maintenance, especially from around his third month, when he always wanted mommy there to play with him or at least look at him constantly. But in the last week or two, he’s become more able to play by himself as long as I’m nearby. He sleeps better sometimes, too, and then I get all hopeful about life again, and then he goes back to waking up three times a night… but I can see a future where I routinely sleep for an uninterrupted five, six, maybe even seven hours a night! The upshot is that I’m starting to have a little time and energy to think about amusing myself with non-baby related pursuits.

I’ve said it before, but I want to improve my drawing skills, especially drawing people; I’ve been practicing with a book RLC of Paper Thin Personas recommended, and for the first time in my life I can draw ears properly! I also want to keep drawing for this blog — I don’t think a goal of one post a week is too much? My dad has offered to watch Milo on Thursdays when he can, and our first time trying that out was a smashing success.

I’ve got a lot I want to do, as I always do, but for now I’ll start small. Though this dress can’t be described as small, can it? No, this dress says “Hurrah for new shades of Prismacolors! Hurrah for rainbows and poofy gowns! Hurrah for daddy holding Milo while he sleeps so I can draw! Hurrah for enough rest that I’m drawing instead of curling up and falling fast asleep!”

Wondering how Milo’s turning out? Well, enjoy some pictures! We have Milo wearing a shark outfit (never fails to amuse me, because he has the same approach to food as a shark does), Milo playing with his favorite green ball, and Milo smiling in his sleep.

25 thoughts on “White Princess Dress with Rainbow Skirt

  1. Imagine my shock at seeing, after opening this site over and over all this last week to print out outfits , to see a new dress! I thought I’d opened the wrong page. I can’t believe how Milo’s grown. I know, it’s been months since that first picture was taken. He’s gotten, if possible, even more adorable!

  2. I check every day, just in hopes that there’ll be a new post. As much as I loved looking at Milo in his viking hat each day, I was thrilled to see this beautiful rainbow dress today. The new pictures of Milo were just an added bonus. He’s adorable!

  3. Awww, Milo is so adorable! Of course, seeing this dress posted was the highlight. :) I’ve missed seeing your new dresses, Liana! This one, naturally, does not disappoint! I always loved when you did rainbow dresses, so it’s nice that the first new dress I see from you in months is a rainbow color! :D

  4. Oh girl I hear ya on not enough sleep! My younger daughter is 8 months old and still doesn’t sleep through the night! In fact, when she was 7 months old, I had gone so long without enough sleep that I finally told my husband, “That’s it. Either she sleeps through the night or she cries through the night. I’m DONE.” I was so sleep deprived I literally could not make my breakfast one morning (Froot Loops). It was bad, bad, bad. Now she wakes up about only once or twice, my husband and I share the wakings, and things are generally better. Some nights are still bad, but mostly things are better. She wants me there 24/7, just like Milo. It’s normal for them to go through a clingy stage though. Enjoy it as much as you can though because these days do fly by.

  5. Oh wow! I routinely check back once or twice a week on the off-chance that you’ve had time to draw, and I am not disappointed! Little Milo is one extremely cute little man!! He’s lucky he’s got a mum that cares so much about him :)

  6. Oh! Milo is sooo adorable, and it’s lovely to hear that you enjoy beeing a mom, even though it’s tough sometimes. Glad you’re back again and what a beautiful dress to start up again. I’m still following your block even though I live in Denmark :D

  7. I LOVE your outfits. They’re absolutely incredible! And Milo is truly adorable. This is my favorite dress you’ve made yet!

  8. Oh my god- he is just too cute! I enjoyed seeing those pictures very much! I’m glad your back, even if its only for a short while. My daughter and I love your dresses. I currently have a 5 1/2 month old also so I know how your feeling… My 3rd time doing this haha. Good luck.

  9. Yay! So glad you’re back! Your little boy is adorable. My favorite picture is the one of him smiling in his sleep. This dress is so beautiful I wish I could really wear it!

  10. I love the dress and I’m glad to hear that all is going we3ll. I look forward to more dresses and must try to remember to keep checking for them since I missed this and the dress after it.

  11. I truley love this outfit i wish i could make it. Liana PLEASE can you make a real dress of this it is totally cutting edge.

  12. Hi I used the pattern to trace and make smaller for a gacha life character and I hope you don’t mind

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