Halloween ’10 Day 5: Queen of the Seas

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As you know I generally have a soft spot for anything flowing and cool-colored, so I wanted to do a generic Queen of the Seas costume this month. If you were wearing this to a party with no particularly picky mythology or history geeks in attendance, you could perhaps call yourself the Queen of Atlantis, but I can’t just go blithely saying something like that somehow.

Lindsey commented on my blue and gold princess gown and said that she’d seen a similar one on Zwinky, but I can’t check it out because I use a Mac; can someone take a screenshot of it and send it to me, please?

The verdict is still out on the Good Queen…

Prismacolors used: Cool Grey 30%, 70%, 90%, Black, White, Indigo Blue, Denim Blue, Light Cerulean Blue, Sky Blue Light, Marine Green, Jade Green, Tuscan Red, Poppy Red, Pale Vermillion; Verithin Black and Cool Grey 70%; Sakura Soufflé White.

15 thoughts on “Halloween ’10 Day 5: Queen of the Seas

  1. Question!!! Do you get your prisma colours in sets or do you get them seprately? and are there specific colour sets like a set of “French Grey” or “Tuscany Red”?

  2. I first got a set of 120 Prismacolors for my birthday (my mom used one of those half off coupons from Michael’s), and since then I’ve supplemented them with individually bought ones. (The reason I have more than 120 is that since I got my first set, they came out with new colors, and I still have some of the ones they don’t produce anymore.) There are sets of colors, but they try to give a wide range in each set, so you can’t specifically buy a set of French Grey pencils as far as I know. I buy online — if I’m not panicked about running out of a particular pencil — usually from Dick Blick, http://www.dickblick.com/products/prismacolor-colored-pencils/ — because it’s cheaper. I just buy a lot at once and then my mom and husband laugh at my hoarding ways, but I think it’s a good thing because I get twitchy if I run out of a pencil. Like right now. I’m almost out of Cool Grey 90% ^^;;

  3. Thanks for your quick response and for your helpful info! Generally I like to figure things out for my self but there are times why I could use a little assistance it this has been one of those times. :)

  4. Wow. This dress is so gorgeous! I wish it was a real dress, because I’d so wear it during a costume party.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this dress all night, and I’ve realized that it’s gonna help me. Quite a while ago I got this beautiful caribbean sea blue fabric, no idea what to do with it, but too pretty to pass up and I have a 50% off coupon. I had the vague idea of making a dress with white lace as sea-foam to the fabric’s sea blue, but couldn’t figure out the right style/pattern. Thank you Liana, for giving me the right pattern idea!

  6. I love it! Especially the seaweed that decorates it.
    I was just thinking, but if there’s a good queen of the seas…does that mean that there’s a bad one? I think that this dress would look good in gold as well…..

  7. beautiful!!! i love the detail. the red gems look fabuless. i would love to see a mermaid tail tutorial… after haloween?

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