Hallowen ’10 Day 4: White Ballerina Outfit with Pink Roses

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Olly-olly-oxen-free! You can come out now, I’m not going to be creepy today. I need a dose of pretty after drawing the Twisted Queen’s gown, especially the little red tendril bits. (My husband still can’t quite look at that one — and he’s the one who kills the spiders and watches the scary movies in our household. He asked me while I was drawing this one, “What are you going to do to it today? Make snakes come out of it?” No — just roses. And they don’t even have thorns, much less poisoned ones. No worries.)

Now, mind you, my foray into ballet was long ago and of extremely short duration (I think I made it through one class?) and in any case, in my costumes I don’t strive for accuracy (I actually have a “no research” rule for Octobers, although I keep breaking it), so please forgive me if, as I suspect, the shoes and so on are all wrong.

A commenter asked recently for me to redraw the Good Queen’s blue and white gown without all of that pesky blood. That is a particularly good dress, I think, and I know it’s one of my mom’s favorites so perhaps I really should, but I don’t like redoing old things somehow. I’m certainly not averse to revisiting the Good Queen, though; given the choice I’d rather draw her a new outfit, but I could make an exception to the no-wallowing-in-the-past rule just this once. If I did, should I keep the colors as they are or draw the dress in the colors it was when she was alive? (For it wasn’t blue and white originally: the colors represent her ghostly nature.)

Prismacolors used: French Grey 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, Blush Pink, Tuscan Red, Dark Umber, Olive Green, Pale Sage, colorless blender, Verithin Tuscan Red and Olive Green.

9 thoughts on “Hallowen ’10 Day 4: White Ballerina Outfit with Pink Roses

  1. I have feeling the person you are refering to is me. I personally love blue and white on the good queen dress, it looks very regal. And please what ever you do, leave in the gold trim and the jagged skirt edge. It looks very cool. And thank you sooooo much for doing some pretty stuff for Halloween. It gets very tiring seeing creepy things on your birthday.

  2. Ohhhh, this is soooo pretty! I was a ballet dancer for 16 years and this dress? I would have, kinda maybe hurt someone a bit to wear. I LOVE checking your site, it always gives me warm fuzzies!

  3. What if the evil queen and the good queen are sisters? The evil queen can’t remember her sister perhaps it was the good queen who was eldest and therefore would inherit the throne but the jealous evil queen murdered her shortly after her coronation. Our Dear evil queen has a bit of heart left and unconsciously regrets killing her sister and that is why she wears her purple and black gown although she has shut the thought out of her mind. Psychologically she tries to convince herself that what she did was the right thing although something long forgotten keeps tugging at the back of her mind :)

  4. thank you for something light and airy (not creepy or scary at all). maybe you could alternate dark and scary and something more upbeet. just so we don’t get into a dark depressing lull.

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