Mermaid Monday #11: Mermaid Mystic Apprentice with Light Green Tunic and White Tail

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Sometimes, a mystic will take on an apprentice. It’s tremendously dangerous to be a mystic’s pupil; the discipline is inherently hazardous to one’s health and sanity, and callous mystics often use their apprentices as guinea pigs. In addition to that, the apprentice shaves his or her head, shuns all family and friends, usually makes some form of offering to the mystic and wears a light green tunic to signify the death of his or her old life. This mermaid, with her bald head, light green tunic and white tail, would be a creepy figure to most regular mermaids, but she spends all of her time studying alone anyways, trying to avoid the fate of the apprentice she inherited her tunic from. She gave up the natural color of her tail (a brilliant ultramarine) to study under her master, so she is guaranteed not to skip out and establish her own reputation as a mystic until she has the ability to replace it. (Temporarily changing the color of a tail is not that hard, but permanent color is a tricky proposition.)

Tomorrow starts the Wiki Dress parade. Expect dinosaurs.

7 thoughts on “Mermaid Monday #11: Mermaid Mystic Apprentice with Light Green Tunic and White Tail

  1. Ee, more mermaids! And more mermaid lore! I do love the mermaid lore. Excellent stuff. Best of luck to the lady mermaid in her studies. I wonder if this mermaid will go back to her old tail colour, or if she’ll pick a new one? Hmm…

    I’m always curious to know how you do these iridescent and metallic colours for the mermaids tails, but I shan’t ask you for your secrets. ^^*

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Eleanor, someday I’ll do tutorials and I’ll definitely include mermaids… I think they’re pretty easy to do with the right colors. I keep meaning to branch out and do more interesting mermaid tails, but then mermaid monday rolls around and I haven’t researched pictures of the goldfish or whatever properly :)

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