Black and Blue Heavens Masquerade Gown with Jupiter-Inspired Underskirt and Gold Curls

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So, I hope you all out there are having good luck with your New Years resolutions, because I, oh, TOTALLY failed mine already. (“Draw more,” of course.) Yeah, sad, I know. I have no excuse, and I offer a fancy dress in penance.

I designed this one when drawing Diana’s masquerade gown, but I thought it would be a poor spy who would wear something so dramatic, so I drew the blue gown instead. But I did like the design, and so it didn’t get tossed with the rest of my sketches.

26 thoughts on “Black and Blue Heavens Masquerade Gown with Jupiter-Inspired Underskirt and Gold Curls

  1. oooo ~ well worth the wait! i love the bodice and the colors are wonderful ~ i can see a lot of admirers orbiting around her in this dress!

  2. Thank you so much, I got the set of 3 jointed dolls to play with, and I have some lovely pink and blue crepe papers to fashion some stylish dresses….off to find my glitter and glue!

  3. just a constructive critism, but I think that the panel that is red in the middle might have looked better in say white or deep purple or something that stands out a little less. however i do really like the dress.

  4. Long time lurker, first time commenting. Your art work is amazing and your talent supreme. I love paper dolls, heck I love dolls of all kinds and your site. I went and got a better printer so I could print out some of your dolls and dresses and admire them in my hands.

  5. Thanks everyone! :) I really appreciate all the comments!

    Annissa, love your new site — that 1700s gown you just put up is fabulous!
    Sarah, I really like that idea, I’ll give it some thought… Whenever I start thinking “series” I get to feeling guilty about my Christmas story though. Well, we’ll see.
    Jan, wow, that’s dedication :D I’m so glad you like them that much!

  6. is there any way of getting this dress for a friend of mines party if so she really loves the desighn and would like to know if there is anywhere of us being able to by this dress we would love to please get back to me about this

  7. also i understand its for dolls but if you know any way of getting the dress for a person that would be greatly appreciated

  8. This gown is so pretty
    it really portrays the space/Jupiter feeling
    i like the way you used the night time colours and pictures of the dress and then you used that swirly thing like rings of Jupiter? (sorry i don’t know how to describe really) It’s very unique; a unique and beautiful style

  9. That’s such a pretty dress! I think I may take that to a tailor. Although, he may “punch me in the face”…

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