Two Fairy Dresses from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

Click for the doll.

On the good side, I got a new pencil sharpener; its box promises an “extra heavy duty motor” and indicates that it is designed for “continuous” use. Which is good, because I subject my poor sharpeners to some sad conditions… Anyways, today I got started too late and wasn’t feeling inspired at all, so here are two fairy dresses from the old Boutique.

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3 thoughts on “Two Fairy Dresses from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

  1. I have to let you know that your Anna doll and all of her clothes I saved to my computer and then printed and cut them out. It was a lot of fun. I have saved most outfits and two dolls that can wear them but have not printed or cut them out. One day I will do it. I love your outfits! Thank you for sharing them.

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