Black and White Regency Gown with Flower Lace

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This is my second black and white regency gown, I know, but I only had an hour between activities to get something drawn and scanned. Regency gowns are so cute, fun to design, easy to draw and popular that they’re like the potato chips of the paperdoll universe. I could do a whole blog of just regency gowns, and it would likely be more popular in certain quarters than my current hodgepodge of video game dresses, random bits of pop culture and mermaids. Oh well, if my aim was only to become popular, I suppose it’s more likely I’d do nothing but dresses inspired by Twilight and Taylor Swift, as the wedding dress and the Love Story dress are currently the two most popular ones I’ve drawn. But that would be quite a different blog, and I would have to be a rather different person, I suppose.

Anyways! I think next week I may very well focus on wedding dresses. I’ll be starting off with a red mermaid wedding gown (which barely won in the poll, with 52% of the vote at the moment — don’t worry, the week after I will return to the sea), so the timing is good. If you have any suggestions for favorite time periods, really interesting wedding dresses for me to look at and so on, feel free to post them in the comments. This poll may or may not influence what I wind up drawing; mostly it’s just because I’m curious.

Black and White Regency Gown for Coloring

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So I think that Saturdays will be black-and-white days, and Sundays I won’t post anything, but will try to sketch out the week to come. We’ll see how that goes… Anyways, for today just a plain Regency gown for people to color. Maybe for me to color at some point, too, but we won’t get ambitious just yet.

Regency Teddy Bear, Part 1, Drawn by RLC of Paper Thin Personas, Colored by Liana

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RLC, who runs the awesome paper doll blog Paper Thin Personas, drew this Regency Teddy Bear set to prove that she could do cute. As for me, since I started paperdolling again I just can’t put down the Prismacolors, and I’ve been thinking it would be fun to color this one for some time. (I’ve also had my eye on the Lady of the Manor set…)

There’s a Part 2, as well, so look forward to that! Thanks so much to RLC for letting me post her!

Halloween Costume Series Bonus: The Vampire’s Black and Purple Regency Ballgown with Black Lace and Silver Sash

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Now, I like the Good Queen as much as anyone, but the vampire always was one of my two¬†favorites ever since she was drawn. (The other was the gypsy girl, who didn’t make it into the finals even though she has the cutest embroidery on the hem of ther skirt.) So the Good Queen took an early lead, but the vampire was always close behind, catching up right near the end, and when I got back from Thanksgiving festivities she had won with a respectable lead, 28 votes to 22 (with Undead Marie in third place with 15 and Christine last with 12). I think the Good Queen must be furious, but as promised, here’s a victory gown for the vampire.

I saw her gown as being an undefined Regency style, so here’s a ballgown in the same vein (I’m sorry, I can’t help myself). I don’t think it’s nearly as good as the first one, but it’s not bad. I’m tempted to do extra outfits for all of the finalists, as I’ve become quite fond of them, and now I have a proper pencil sharpener I bet a good ghostly court dress would be fuuuuun, and not the slog that Undead Marie’s gown was.