Regency Teddy Bear, Part 1, Drawn by RLC of Paper Thin Personas, Colored by Liana

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version.

RLC, who runs the awesome paper doll blog Paper Thin Personas, drew this Regency Teddy Bear set to prove that she could do cute. As for me, since I started paperdolling again I just can’t put down the Prismacolors, and I’ve been thinking it would be fun to color this one for some time. (I’ve also had my eye on the Lady of the Manor set…)

There’s a Part 2, as well, so look forward to that! Thanks so much to RLC for letting me post her!

Plurk Paper Dolls with costumes, memes and renowned computer geeks

Click for larger version.

You may have heard of Twitter, the latest way for web 2.0 types to revolutionize the world, and what I use for off-the-cuff paperdoll updates, over on the sidebar. I also started using plurk, which is similar but has better organization and makes it easier to carry on conversations. (Twitter now is just paperdoll stuff while plurk is more “here’s what I’m making for dinner,” but feel free to visit my Plurk stream.)

Anyways, Plurk had a design contest recently, so I drew up this one-off paperdoll that uses three of the “plurk creatures,” Plurk’s creepy-cute mascots. Besides the Halloween costumes, the other sets have a more geeky bent to them. Top left, you’ll find three memes that geeks have obsessed over to ridiculous levels: Portal’s Weighted Companion Cube, CATS from Zero Wing, famous for the All Your Base dialogue, and Twitter’s failwhale, the image that signals the site is down. Bottom left, there’s Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, and Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s “father of modern video games.” (His outfit was taken from this BusinessWeek article because it was so cute.)

Sadly, I didn’t win the contest with my little plurky paperdolls, so I’ll have to buy the book I wanted, McGee & Stuckey’s Bountiful Container, with my own money after all. Still, even if I didn’t win the contest, I at least have something for my blog today!

1955 Rockabilly Dress (inspired by my new Crystal Blue Trek Wasabi)

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

So I got a new Trek Wasabi. I haven’t had a bike in years, much less a good one, and I’m so excited about it. This is a really geeky bike; not geeky in the sense of “My new bike is perfectly aerodynamic and has fifteen thousand speeds” but more of like horribly cute and retro. (Brian thinks I’m crazy for getting a one-speed, but I don’t mind — I never could work gears well anyways, and we live in Ann Arbor, not San Francisco.) I’ve wanted a bike for a while, one that I would actually use and love, and I think Wasabi here fits the bill. I drew this dress based on Wasabi’s coloring and a rockabilly dress pattern from Damn Good Vintage.

Think good thoughts for our cat

Our beloved cat Maggie had to go to the vet tonight at 1 AM, and the upshot may either be a pinched nerve or more serious damage. We’re pretty doting cat parents and very worried for her, so please keep us all in your thoughts today.

Here are some pictures of Maggie, leading off with everyone’s favorite:

Sitting on her perch with her head off the side in what we call “depressed teenager” mode.

Here with our other cat, Harume.

The early years.

Update (noon Sunday): she had a spinal fracture, and she’s no longer with us.