Black and White Regency Gown with Flower Lace

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This is my second black and white regency gown, I know, but I only had an hour between activities to get something drawn and scanned. Regency gowns are so cute, fun to design, easy to draw and popular that they’re like the potato chips of the paperdoll universe. I could do a whole blog of just regency gowns, and it would likely be more popular in certain quarters than my current hodgepodge of video game dresses, random bits of pop culture and mermaids. Oh well, if my aim was only to become popular, I suppose it’s more likely I’d do nothing but dresses inspired by Twilight and Taylor Swift, as the wedding dress and the Love Story dress are currently the two most popular ones I’ve drawn. But that would be quite a different blog, and I would have to be a rather different person, I suppose.

Anyways! I think next week I may very well focus on wedding dresses. I’ll be starting off with a red mermaid wedding gown (which barely won in the poll, with 52% of the vote at the moment — don’t worry, the week after I will return to the sea), so the timing is good. If you have any suggestions for favorite time periods, really interesting wedding dresses for me to look at and so on, feel free to post them in the comments. This poll may or may not influence what I wind up drawing; mostly it’s just because I’m curious.

17 thoughts on “Black and White Regency Gown with Flower Lace

  1. I like lacey sort of vintage gowns with neat sleeves and tiered skirts >< In ivory or champagney sort of colours :D The kind of dress you'd have lots of strings of pearls to accessorise…

    I wasn't sure which category that would come under ;)


  2. I caved today and bought a 12 pack of Prismacolors. ($21!!! Insanity!) so hopefully I’ll be able to do better with this dress than I have with the black and white ones in the past.

  3. I found a computer at the mission here in Anaktuvuk Pass so I can keep up with your blog! I have to stand in line to use it though.:(
    Maybe a Ukranian wedding dress would be nice. It would be a white blouse with simple red and black embroidery on the short sleeves and a red skirt that comes to below the knee.Acessories could be black,red, and maybe some yellow ribbons in a head piece and black boots.

  4. In general I like wedding dresses that are a combination of all of those: flowing, with a traditional full skirt (the length varies depending on what person it’s for and my mood,) but a sleek and understated bodice, along with some element of non-tradition that’s unique to the bride.

    Wow… I just looked at this comment, and I have decided that I’m either way too indecisive, or have put WAY too much thought into this for my age. Or both, it’s quite possible ;)

  5. I think you should do a Renaissance wedding dress, or perhaps pre-Renaissance. Maybe Spanish style… what’s interesting is before the 15th century the wedding dresses were traditionally black, and white was the color of mourning. I think a black wedding dress would be interesting…

  6. I like dresses that are 1860’s style so an 1860’s ballgown style wedding gown would be really nice! :)

  7. I like strapless wedding gowns with long, puffy skirts and long trains. But I think it would be really cool if you drew some brides maids dresses too.

  8. I’m not a big fan of the strapless wedding gowns with large skirts that are popular today (I think they look unbalanced). I tend to like simple gowns in styles popular for wedding gowns earlier in the 1900s. Mine was actually my grandmother’s from 1948, but I think there are some beautiful wedding gowns from other years as well. Gowns from the turn of the century and the 1930s are particular favorites of mine.

  9. I love a variety of wedding gowns, especially ones with a lot of handwork and color. The modern standard of sleek strapless (which very few people can actually pull off) and full skirts leave very little for the creative expression of the individual. Tea-length gowns can be sweet an subtle and promote more seemly bridesmaids dresses!

  10. Cute! I like your Regency gowns, but one of the nicest things about your blog is all the variety!
    I’m kind of surprised you haven’t done anything from Star Wars yet, especially considering all of Padme’s outfits. Her wedding dress was very simple compared to the other things she wore, but still very pretty. Maybe a Star Wars inspired wedding dress? :-)

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