1955 Rockabilly Dress (inspired by my new Crystal Blue Trek Wasabi)

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So I got a new Trek Wasabi. I haven’t had a bike in years, much less a good one, and I’m so excited about it. This is a really geeky bike; not geeky in the sense of “My new bike is perfectly aerodynamic and has fifteen thousand speeds” but more of like horribly cute and retro. (Brian thinks I’m crazy for getting a one-speed, but I don’t mind — I never could work gears well anyways, and we live in Ann Arbor, not San Francisco.) I’ve wanted a bike for a while, one that I would actually use and love, and I think Wasabi here fits the bill. I drew this dress based on Wasabi’s coloring and a rockabilly dress pattern from Damn Good Vintage.

6 thoughts on “1955 Rockabilly Dress (inspired by my new Crystal Blue Trek Wasabi)

  1. Beautyful dress (and bike). I like it! But, would you like to post (and maybe redraw) some of your old fantasy gowns from the Botique?

  2. I’m so impressed by your sources of inspiration!
    I have been telling my B for years that I want a bike just like that. Our bike rides usually end promptly the minute I decide to change gears and inexplicably pop the chain out of the spokes. Our last ride he had to go behind me and shout out gear shifting orders. That did work, but it would be so much nicer not to even bother with changing gears at all…

  3. Annissa: I’ll post fantasy Boutique gowns next time I get lazy. :D Maybe redraw if I can’t think of anything new to draw, but since I haven’t drawn much for a while I’ve got all sorts of ideas…

    Barbara: There have definitely been moments where I thought “This hill would be a LOT easier with actual gears” but for what I needed now it was an OK trade — they actually make a bike like mine with three speeds, though. Also, I don’t know anything about bikes and I’d like to learn, and certainly one-speeds are supposed to be pretty easy to deal with…

  4. I’ve been tooling around on a one speed the last few years, an aqua and white number with fenders over the wide tires and a bell to ring on the handlebar! And a sturdy wire basket too!

    Women stop me all the time and say how much they would like a bike like that.
    I would never had thought to use it as inspiration for a dress though. You are just too clever!

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