Iris, African-American Paperdoll with Lavender Wrap Dress

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So, I want to try to do more dolls, and here’s the first product of that! She doesn’t have a name yet, feel free to suggest one. (Edit: Thanks to everyone who suggested a name: I decided on one of Min’s suggestions, Iris.) Her hair is taken from one of Rihanna’s hairstyles, and she’s from the same base as Sylvia, of course, so she should fit most of the outfits I’ve already drawn — there may be some variations between the two, though, so let me know if anything using her REALLY doesn’t fit right.

As always, doing the people is always my weak point… I ought to practice more, I know…

14 thoughts on “Iris, African-American Paperdoll with Lavender Wrap Dress

  1. She is very classy. I like the idea of more dolls since different outfits look better on different people. Finally, a choice.

  2. I would suggest naming her after a flower, since it’s spring. Iris, Rose, Lily, Dahlia, Daisy, or Hyacinth, for example.

  3. Yet another beautiful doll. These and the outfits for them are extremely well drawn.
    I like the idea of naming her after a flower, too. I really like the suggestion of Dahlia. Lupine could be nice, too, I think.

  4. You guys are making the naming hard on me :D I think in the end I like Iris best, so that’s her new name… I love all the suggestions, though! If I was better at drawing dolls, I’d draw more to name ;)

  5. Hi there, I,ve been tring to print your Silvea doll for a few days now. But when I go to print, all I get is the writing on the top and bottom of the page. Yet, when I print anythig else on the site, what I wanted prints out. I don’t know if it’s my computer,printer, or what. Plese help! Your site still rules though.

  6. Hi! Oh, please make more dolls! I love them, and the dresses you make for them are lovely! but i still wish there were more doll to dress… I beg you to make more dolls!!!

  7. Your clothes are truly beautiful, but so are the dolls! You are a gifted and skillful drawer, and I REALLY wish I could draw like you!!! :D

  8. Yay, Iris!
    I’m pleased to have a doll with the same name as me. I’m Chinese, however…any chance of creating an Asian-inspired doll, to go with outfits like the Vietnamese Ao Dai?
    I love dresses and your designs are very pretty.

  9. I am thrilled with this. My granddaugthers were with me this weekend and I wanted nothing better than to have the chance to share with them the joy of paperdolls. These are not only ethnically diverse, something I admire and appreciate, but they’re lovely girls with beautiful and intricate outfits. Wow. Thanks so much. ~~~c

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