Meet Grace, the second in my new paper doll series!

Click for larger version with gown (PNG); click for PDF version with gown. Click for larger version without gown (PNG); click for PDF version without gown.

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get another doll up. I’ve had this dress drawn for months, waiting for a doll to go with it — it’s that making a doll part that’s the problem! Grace here was actually made from my upcoming system that will eventually allow people to create their own dolls, but that’s not ready yet, so one doll will have to suffice for now. I think she turned out pretty well, so consider her a test of the system and let me know what you think! I named her Grace because it’s a name I’ve always thought was pretty, but it’s not one I can saddle any of my hypothetical daughters with, because any child born to me and my husband is bound to be woefully clumsy.

I’m wondering what you all think of putting the thumbnail clothes on the doll, now you’ve seen it a couple of times? Should I keep doing it? Take the poll, please!

27 thoughts on “Meet Grace, the second in my new paper doll series!

  1. She’s so pretty! It’s kinda cool too, one of the girls I sort of babysit is named Grace, and she’s African-American. I’ve been thinking about printing your dolls out for them, if I ever get access to a nice color printer.

  2. Oh, Wow!!! She is absolutely beautiful! And she does look graceful! The dress, as soon as I saw it, I thought it was an Egyptian dress! It is very pretty!!!


  3. On the contrary, it means Ivy’s sticking around for a long time ;) The create-a-doll stuff is going to be based around the Ivy body shape.

  4. well the dress is gorgeous first of all! But i feel that the dress alone is a work-of-art, so by putting the doll in the dress, it takes away from it. Not that the dolls aren’t works-of-art! But for some people, like me, I just like to look at the outfits, not cut out the dolls with them. And for people who DO cut out the dolls, they can do so, but please don’t make it a regular thing for the main homepage!!

  5. She is gorgeous! I think the pink hoop skirt dress you posted recently looks great on her but that is just me.;)

  6. When I draw clothes I just put them on a blank white manican, but I like you having them on a person every once in awhile

  7. She’s so beautiful! I’ll miss Ivy but I already love Grace lol. Plus the sister of the little baby that I babysit is named Grace, so that makes me love it more ^^
    I love seeing the dress and doll together, you should definitely keep it that way!

  8. I love Grace! As for putting the dresses on the dolls, I think you should do it occasionally because some people jus like looking at the clothes and others like seeing what some of the outfits would look like on the doll. So, yeah…There’s my two cents in.

  9. Wow, Grace is so pretty! I love that she and Ivy can share clothes! And the dress is just SO Egyptian! I don’t think you should put the dress on the doll, because now you have TWO dolls who can wear the same dresses. It’s nicer just seeing the dress.

  10. Thanks! I really like the new doll. I’m sure you’ve been planning this for a while, but it’s kind of neat, since I just commented yesterday about wanting to see a new doll, and Voila! there she is.

    I usually like seeing the dresses by themselves. The are so beautiful, they can stand alone! :)

  11. Wow! This dress is breathtaking! If I ever get married again, I want this to be my dress only in a pale, pale pink. Its perfect!!! One of your best yet. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

  12. I like seeing the dress alone and thinking about it without seeing the dress on the doll. I’m looking forward to putting together a doll to match the dress!

  13. I voted yes. I love looking at the drawings, but I never (I guess I should say, extremely rarely) print them out…no time to play with paper dolls anymore. :-( So I find it nice to see the dresses as they would actually be worn.

  14. I agree with Reaghan. Putting the dolls in dresses takes away the excitement of seeing a new dress everyday.

  15. How difficult would it be to show the dress, on its own, and then a separate picture in the same post with the dress on a doll? Satisfy both the ‘I like to look at pretty dresses’ people and the ‘I like to look at the dressed up dolls’ people.

  16. She’s beautiful and I love seeing the dresses on the dolls. It really gives a feel for how they’ll look. This dress is very elegant too.

  17. She’s beautiful! Grace is a fitting name, and I love how the bright color of the dress contrasts with her darker skin

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