Sylvia, my new paper doll, with green halter dress

Click for larger version; click for the doll.

I’ve been thinking of returning to paperdolls for some time now. There’s a lot to re-learn, but I think I did all right… the dress is somewhat quick and dirty, but as usual I labored over the doll for a few days. I hate doing the dolls!

She doesn’t have a name yet. I hadn’t thought that far ahead. But I think again the format will be the “paperdoll blog,” I really enjoyed doing that before. Maybe no one reads the words but me, but I like having the record of my temping days.

Edit: Sylvia is her name.

By the way, this is the start of the new paperdoll series with Sylvia and Iris (and whoever else comes next); if you want more of my paperdolls, click here for my old paperdoll blog!

24 thoughts on “Sylvia, my new paper doll, with green halter dress

  1. I think all the outfits youve done are absolutely amazing. It must have taken you such a long time to do them all. I would never have the patience let alone the skill to be able to do anything like that. You have an amazing talent.

  2. liana i loved all your other paper dolls on your old site i think i have some some where but lost a lot due to my cumputer malfotioning i love to have a set of them again and hope you start doing more if you find the time real liked all your old stuff and pets too and rugrats costumes and all and our second set too and this lovley one now too i think you sould be happy with all the ones you made in the past as well they were lovley keep care a fan i hope all is well laurie wrote to you once or twice in the past also

  3. As soon as I saw this doll, it was love at first sight. I’ve made some paper dolls myself, but, they don’t turn out nearly as beautiful. You have a real talent.

  4. Hi! I absolutely LOVE your dresses and dolls! I would like to print out the dolls and some dresses for my niece, but she likes to have many dolls, and so would I! I BEG you to make more dolls! They are just FANTASTIC!

    Lianetta c=

  5. Your drawings are amazing and, after three years of attempting to learn how to draw clothing in school, I am amazed by those who actually can draw. I love the diversity in your clothing and was wondering if you are considering drawing more dolls?

  6. Love your paper dolls . My daughter has had hours of fun with them and it gives us something great to do together. Thank you !!!!!

  7. My daughter loves these paperdolls and I am loving the time we spend cutting them out together I use a matte 8X11 photopaper to give them alittle more stiffness.

  8. Thanks A lot Liana!!!!
    Just put out another doll just like Sylivia – I loved her!!
    Your a GREAT artist!!!

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