Introducing Leyla!

An adult female paper doll in a white and purple gown. She has dark brown skin and black hair arranged in several small box braids that curve gently around her face and fall past her shoulders. Her eyes are brown with tiny gold flecks, and she has sparkly gold eyeshadow. Her lips are full and deep  red, and she is wearing pearl earrings. She is wearing a sleeveless dress with a scoop neck, slightly gathered at the shoulders. The top is white satin, decorated with a pattern of light grey spirals. Around her hips is a belt made of gold, with a sunburst pattern in the middle. Set in the middle of the belt is a brilliant topaz rounded with pearls. The skirt is long and trumpet shaped, flaring out at the calves, and is light magenta at the top and deep purple at the base. It is covered all over with sequins. She also wears a gold circlet decorated with pearls and a second topaz.Please welcome my second paper doll in the new series, Leyla! Her name was chosen from a set of six names I picked out, and as with Mia’s name it was close for a while there but Leyla was the winner. I hope you like her! I’m very happy with her, I had a good time drawing her hair.

With my previous sets of dolls I’ve only made two for each set, but my intention is to keep going and do a new one every month until I have enough dolls to put together a soccer team. Since Leyla has been released on time, I feel very confident that I will be able to pull that off. Their outfits aren’t going to get any more varied, I’m afraid, because the dolls themselves are rather a lot of work. I’m happy with the series dress theme, though. In my imagination, Mia, Leyla and the dolls to come after are the new goddesses of my paperdollverse, and so I thought to myself, what would this little pantheon like to wear? The answer, apparently, is “lots of sparkles.”

Speaking of goddesses, the contest on Twitter is over, and the winner is Karen Martin! (Her favorite Greek goddess, by the way, is Athena.) You will see how she chose to color an ancient Greek outfit next Friday. As I mentioned before, I’m going to start doing the contests on the blog after this, so if you would like to take part next time, just keep reading!

The Oscars are on March 2nd, and that means Oscar dresses! Twice before, I’ve “livedolled” the Oscars – that is, drawn some dresses straight from the red carpet. I did this in 2009, drawing three gowns, and in 2011, drawing an amazing four gowns. I’m ready to do it again this year, but with a twist. I’ll sketch the gowns I like on my iPad and post them here as I draw them. At the end, I’ll put up a poll for which one you all like best, then I’ll make the winner into a proper dress. Also, there’ll be a special Oscars contest! The red carpet starts at 7 PM EST, 4 PM Pacific. Join me and we’ll enjoy all those great gowns together!

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In preparation for our Academy Awards party, let’s have a poll…

4 thoughts on “Introducing Leyla!

  1. I’d love to see one of your (soccer playing goddess) dolls have short hair or freckles. I feel like I haven’t seen either very often. (It might be fun to have a doll that isn’t exactly human. Like a green alien or blue elf or something…) Just an idea if you don’t already have your dolls’ looks planned.
    Also, I love Leyla’s sun belt and the swirly pattern on the bodice.

    1. I think short hair and freckles are very doable! I don’t have the dolls planned much at all – I am using RLC’s skintone palette ( and will do at least one doll for each of them. If I can do one a month that will take me through 2014, and we will see where things go from there. I’d also thought about non-human dolls, and I like your suggestions — maybe a special one for Halloween or something?

  2. I love your new doll i think she turned out quite nicely i very much enjoy all of your paper dolls and i look forward to any that will be comming in the future. I know your probally already have plans for future dolls but if you ever did a light skined paper doll with jet back hair i think that would be really beautiful. Have you also ever tried to give a doll curly hair before it probally would be really challanging.

  3. Hi(: Your doll is lovely as usual(: I was wondering if you could consider doing an Asian doll. Thank you(: .xx

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