Black and White Party Dress and Ball Gown

Click for larger version (PNG): party dress, ball gown,; click for PDF version: party dress, ball gown. Click here for the list of dolls.

Bad news: I simply won’t have time this weekend to post something on Saturday or get the tail tutorial finished, and obviously I missed yesterday. Good news: I felt so guilty about this that I drew two black and white outfits for today! Abigail suggested that I add some new ones, and they happen to be really suited for days where I don’t have much time to draw. I’ll have to do some more contests so I can color a few new things (though I have a couple I still have to color from old ones).
Speaking of which, I am really-super-out-of-time now, so I’ll have to leave this post as it is!

19 thoughts on “Black and White Party Dress and Ball Gown

  1. Hey Liana,
    I would love to see a few Padme Star Wars costumes.
    They would be a little challenging!
    Your Star Wars girl!!!

  2. Hey Liana,
    I just worked it out in my mind that your husband is Dr. Brian Kerr, the dentist over Black Bear Frozen Yogurt.
    My brother’s friend’s mom works at his office….. My friends go there. ACK!!! It is such a small world!!!!

  3. Haha, Emma, nope — I’ve seen his sign too, but I can definitively say I’m not married to him. (For privacy reasons, I’m going to edit your comment)

  4. Me and my sister (she use to comment as “Stelle-Chan”) loves this dresses! They suit us well! On a ball I would wear the short one, sure it´s not really a ball gown, but I like short dresses! And my sister would wear the real ball gown, because she is more that type of person. A pity I can´t have a dress like that on my student!
    And we agree with Emma, a few of Padmés costumes wouldn´t be bad! Or any of Princess Leias outfits! They are a lot more simple.
    (Finally, sorry. I feel like I have misused the language today. It´s just second language to me, and I´m sleepy this morning.)

  5. Both of these dresses are really great, I’d love to see them colored. I love how they’re simple, yet obviously detailed when drawn…good work!

  6. Yay! I love you!

    I was thinking that if I ever won a contest I would ask for a B&W dress, cause I’ve coloured all the other B&W dresses and stuff. Is that allowed? =)

  7. I colored the party dress with the top white and the skirt a light blue.
    The sash was pink and the flower was orange.
    It looks super pretty!!!!

  8. Now that, You have so good skills with photoshop coloring I hope to see that ballgown colored version :)

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