White Ruffled Party Dress with Rainbow Trim

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It’s not a new drawing, I’m afraid, but all day today while I was working I had the original of this dress sitting on top of my scanner next to my computer, and so all day I thought “I bet I would have such fun coloring that one.” By the time I was off work, I didn’t want to do anything else! And indeed it was fun, although this version is quite simple.

17 thoughts on “White Ruffled Party Dress with Rainbow Trim

  1. Dani, I have the same problem!
    If I didn’t, I would have said it was a problem with your computer. Hmmmm……….

  2. ohohoh liana, my girl scout troop is doing a disco dance party 4 our bronze award. everyone is going to come in costume. i was wondering if you might want 2 do a disco dressoutfit for saturday. it would b cool and would make everyone happy. just a suggesten! looking around your site for a disco doll outfit, does anyone know one? it would be great if it would fit ivy or grace!

  3. please, pleaase color the black and white gown that went w/ the party dress…its my favorite dress design ever, of all the ones you’ve done, so please color it! :)
    this one is pretty too, though…love the rainbow colors!
    last- when is the make-your-own-doll system ready????

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