Halloween Costume Series Day 1: The Good Queen’s Ghost

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I can’t tell you why someone who was called “The Good Queen” during her life now haunts a ruined castle of no consequence; queens don’t tell their secrets to paper doll artists. I took on the assignment in the hope of a good story to deliver to my readers, but she condescended to tell me very little about her life, although she was quick to tell me that I had the bodice quite wrong, that I was obviously phoning in the lace, and so on. The older history books paint a glorious picture of her, but I couldn’t help but think that the historians that speculate that the epithet “The Good Queen” was applied to her much like “the Kindly Ones” was applied to the three Furies very well may be on to something. My romantic mind first imagined that she plunged the dagger into her own heart for love, a pre-cursor (possibly inspiration?) to Juliet, and I still think she died by her own hand but the more I sat with her the more I sensed her desperation and anger, and despite her annoyance with my lace, I don’t think it was directed at me. Now I feel her death had nothing to do with love but rather with intrigue of some sort, a power play that went wrong enough to bind her to this world. Still, I’m dying to know what’s with the blood on her hem, but if she will not tell me, fine; in a few hundred years her power will wane further and she’ll wind up telling anybody, probably a bunch of thirteen-year-old girls staring into a bathroom mirror at midnight, just for one last chance at peace.

15 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Series Day 1: The Good Queen’s Ghost

    Her face is turned away from me, but I can tell that it’s a young woman, dressed in long flowing purple garments. Dressed in royal purple, sitting in a throne, I can only assume that she’s a queen or princess of some sort, but since I don’t believe in monarchy, and certainly am not one of her subjects, I don’t feel the need to bow or scrape or call her “Your Majesty”. “Hello?” I say.

    After a moment, she turns to face me. And that’s when I start to get really scared.

    She has my face.

  2. Smalltown Mom, thank you! :)

    Brian, is that from a text adventure or did you make it up? Sadly the shocking element doesn’t lend itself well to paperdolling…

  3. If you would just wash this dress I think I would call it your most beautiful dress ever. I think zout is a good start.

  4. Thanks Lisa.. maybe I should redraw it after all, it is a good dress. Getting it exactly like the original without blood probably isn’t an easy task, so I’ll do it some day when I’m feeling really confident :)

  5. I’d really, really like this dress if it wasn’t covered in blood. In fact it probably would be my favorite of all the dresses on your site, and is there a lot! Could you please redo this dress? I’d really like that as B-day present, as my 18 B-day is this halloween. Honest it is, and it sucks. My dad keeps calling his ‘pumpkin’.

  6. I looooove this dress!!!! I think that since it is Halloween the blood does kind of work, but i would also be so happy if you re-did it without the blood!

  7. i love all ur dresses and i hope i could be as good as u when i practice more. ur dresses and fun stories really inspire me. please keep adding!

  8. Your dresses are all amazing! I know I can’t reach ur level but maybe someday I will. I mostly draw manga and used to do paper dolls with my mom but now I realize my dresses are way better than hers! ;) please keep adding! Your devoted fan.

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