Halloween ‘10 Day 3: The Twisted Queen’s Black, Green and Red Gown

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Now this is more like it, isn’t it, for proper life as an evil queen? This is the kind of thing our sorceress from yesterday generally prefers, so you can see why her inexplicable attachment to yesterday’s dress embarrasses her. (Well, it’s inexplicable to her: I know for a fact that her sister loved shiny ribbons and that particular neckline. But she doesn’t remember her sister anymore.)

She abandoned her flowery princess name shortly after awakening her powers, and she went by quite a few others over the years, but mostly she was called the Twisted Queen, even during the times she wasn’t really ruling much of anything. She liked that nickname, and although she made a point of removing the lips of anyone stupid enough to use it in front of her, she would reflect it in her gowns, her crown, her banner and so on. For it amused her to force the world to find patterns of entrails, of snakes, of ropes in the very hems of her skirts, and to cause every soul who saw her to recall her forbidden nickname.

She wore this gown to a summit held in a distant empire, but in truth she could have gone wearing a clown suit and it wouldn’t have harmed her reputation one bit, for things went wrong — as they so often do around her, on her most unstable days — and she was the only one to survive the meeting. But it’s a shame for no one to appreciate this dress, so she is graciously letting me share it with all of you. You may not actually appreciate it, and even for me, it is just a little too creepy to like… but if I was you I would at least nod and smile.

If you have been following me for a while, you might be wondering if the Twisted Queen was acquainted with the Good Queen. I wonder myself, come to think of it.

Prismacolors used: Black, French Grey 10%, 50%, 70%, 90%, Olive Green, Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse, Limepeel, Scarlet Lake, Sunburst Yellow, colorless blender. To be fair, French Grey was the entirely wrong color to use for the armband, and the color was corrected to be more similar to the crown in Photoshop.

18 thoughts on “Halloween ‘10 Day 3: The Twisted Queen’s Black, Green and Red Gown

  1. yay! dresses for halloween!

    On a side note, what do you think of the prismacolour verithin line? I’m trying to improve my coloured pencilling and am unsure of buying such pencils… do you use them with your dolls?

  2. I bought them, but I didn’t wind up using them that much — they don’t go well over thickly layered regular Prismacolors, and they can’t really be blended. They’re useful for little patterns, of course, but I’m so used to the regular ones that I almost never bother switching to the Verithins. This, however, is more indicative of my laziness than the worth of the Verithins ^^;; It could be that I’ll come up with a good way to use them. I’ve considered using them for my edge lines, which are often too fuzzy, but I haven’t done much experimenting with that.

  3. Thanks for the quick respons! I bet I stay up later though (only cause I have to work otherwise I’d be in bed for sure!).

    So, I was just reading your tutorials, which are awesome! and I wanted to ask if you’d do a tutorial on metallics. Not the pencils with sparkles in them, but how to use normal colours to make convincing silver or gold.

  4. Oooooooh. I like this dress it’s kinda sorta perfect for Halloween! I bet the Twisted Queen was the one who killed the Good Queen…… Who knows?

  5. How lovely! I think this is the first time you’ve created a charecter with a specific wardrobe. i really like that! Can we see more of The Twisted Queen’s clothes…perhaps even something from her princess days, just for contrast?

  6. I´m not sure how well I did say this in my last comment, but I really like your blog, it brightens my day to read it. And I´m always looking forward to se your new creations!
    Like this dress! It is wonderful! And I like the theme with the evil queen and her wardrobe.

  7. Lol, you inspired me Liana.
    I’ve been intending to make a Paper Doll blog for ages, When I found yours yesterday I finally crated one! (padolls.blogspot.com).

  8. Creepy curly entraily viney things! Very eerie! Snakey and seaweedy at the same time! Had a thought regarding the Good Queen & the question of the circumstances of her demise and the haunting: Might GQ & TQ be one and the same-but spit asunder thru some malevolent act of suicidal sorcery? GQ has to hang around haunting because the TQ part of her still walks the earth? Or, perhaps, GQ was TQs mysterious sister–the one who liked the ribbons?a TWIN sister–good twin/evil twin? The granddaughters will have a GREAT time imagining all the intrigues!

  9. Awesome! I love it! Something I’d wear, if I ever got the chance. Too bad for the Twisted Queen that she never really got to show it off

  10. I love this dress. I don’t know how Brian can find it creepy, it kinda reminds me of fireworks. well, sparklers. Hope you’re having fun drawing these and all is well.

  11. hey these are really good i’m an artist and love to reference some of your work i love the new stuff your stepping outside your bounderies a bit and thats very good heres a bit of advice if you dont mind me giveing it step more our side your comfort zone. i understand you ove dresses but from the skill ive seen i believe you can do more. your new stuff is amazing. go a bit further in to fantasy think of things(mythical creatures like vampires or something like that) and forget about what others say they look like. go out side yourself and visualize and create your own image(outfit wise) love your stuff cant wait to see more.

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