Colored 1700s Gown in Gold, White and Pink

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Trazy won the contest before last, for being the closest to guess our wedding anniversary (August 9th). She wrote: “i think i would like the newest balck and white dress to be colored in the gold colors, and have some kind of royal feel to it. I want the bows/decorations/trimmings to be pink, and the rest either white, gold, tan, or something similar. the skirt should have some kind of lighter golden swirly royal pattern, a lighter gold than the background…”

I would write more about this dress, but this one took me four hours to color, and there is a sort of tingling feeling in the tip of my left thumb, plus I’m having trouble feeling the pad of my left index finger now as I type. I might have overdone it… but it was worth it!

15 thoughts on “Colored 1700s Gown in Gold, White and Pink

  1. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. Ohhhh, it was definitely, DEFINITELY worth it. It’s beautiful!

  2. This is amazing and seeing it made me depressed because my colored version sucked XD I keep scrolling back up to stare at it some more, it was well worth the wait!

  3. Now I read all these comments, and now that I can feel my fingers again, I’m really happy ^^ Thanks everyone!

    Jamie, just the drawing / coloring (not including sketching, research, blog writing) takes me one to four hours, depending on the complexity. (Although if you factor in the time it took to draw this one, I guess this gown took closer to five?) It took me about four hours to color this one, but most of them take me about two hours.

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