Colored Elf Gown in Blues and Greys with Grey Lavender Edges and Silver Trim

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Emily won my last contest, for guessing that I had had visitors from 115 countries last week, and this was her request: “Can I choose a dress that has already been colored? Because if so I would like the Lord of the Rings elf gown from 10/5/09, but (kind of opposite of how it was colored before) in blues and grays, maybe a bit of very blueish lavender, and silver trim.” I really like how it turned out… hope you do too, Emily! (And don’t worry, trazy, I haven’t forgotten yours! I just want to do it justice, and I’ve messed up on the pattern too many times today…)

In my imagination, the elf who wears this dress and the one who wears today’s dress are good friends. The one who loves bright colors (we’ll call her Cathiel) has, over the years, influenced her friend’s color sense; you can thank her for the purple at the edges of this one, which seems quite muted to her but was a big leap forward for her sober-minded friend, who we’ll call Rhylar. It also means that she can thank her mother and aunt (who, unsurprisingly, disapprove of her style) quite sincerely for their optimistic gifts of pearl grey and clay rose robes: she assures them that she will put them to good use, and she does. They make wonderful gifts for the more conventional Rhylar. They like to find a picturesque spot and practice duets; Cathiel is a middling flutist, while Rhylar is decent on her harp, but a gifted singer. Often the former will lay aside her flute, close her eyes and just listen to her beloved friend sing a song or two, and if part of her attention wanders and she mentally changes Rhylar’s rust-colored gown to a snappy, sunshiny yellow, it only heightens her enjoyment of the scene.

13 thoughts on “Colored Elf Gown in Blues and Greys with Grey Lavender Edges and Silver Trim

  1. i absoluley love that dress its my favrot desing. i loved it in black and brown but in blue and gray it AMAZING

  2. Much more satisfying than my sad attempt at blue-and-green-with-bronze-trim -_-
    I love the lavendar hints and the pattern <3

  3. I love the elf dress! This is just as pretty as the brown and gold one from a while ago. The blue looks nice with Ivy’s brown hair.

  4. This turned out SO pretty! Great job =] I can’t decide if I like it this way or the original way better!

  5. You already did a fantastic white tutorial for me, so I’m hesitant to ask for another one, but I’d love to know how you get the reflective quality of metal to actually show. It’s a really lovely effect.

  6. Thanks everyone :D

    RLC, funny you should say that… when I finished this one, I thought “It’s not bad, but that sure doesn’t look like silver.” Now I think it’s not that bad, but I should have done it in Cool Grey ^^;; Really the secret is just in the contrast. Bit of dark grey, little bit of lighter grey, large spot left untouched, blend with the blender. That’s probably rather unhelpful… I’ll take a stab at making a tutorial sometime. :)

  7. I love the dress, but most of all i love the little story you wrote about the two elf girls! You should do that more often!

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