Halloween LOTR Costume Series #3: Draped Elf Dress in Pink and Purple

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So I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one. It turned out rather differently than I had wanted it to — I was going for more of a delicate dawn — and I guess my perception of elves is influenced enough by the movies that it seems all wrong. You know, where are the muted earth tones? The fine leaf patterns? The soft, understated fabrics? I can almost imagine an elf mama asking her daughter if she’s quite sure that’s what she wants to wear out to the moon-viewing tonight, and if maybe this nice moss green gown wouldn’t be better? Rebellious elves in magenta, yes, I like that, and even though I played with it some in Photoshop, taking down the saturation and adjusting the colors, in the end I couldn’t do it: I had to present it just as I drew it, brazen coloring and all. If my elf girl doesn’t fit in with the Rivendell crowd, I am sure there is some anime out there she can escape to where she can be happy.

My quiz must have been too easy… The answer was Sunburst Yellow. Unlike Ultramarine, Sunburst Yellow gets used really heavily in almost every yellow or gold thing I draw, and it’s such a cheery, vibrant color that it makes me smile every time I pick it up. So Monica, think about how you want me to color yesterday’s dress and post in the comments please!

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8 thoughts on “Halloween LOTR Costume Series #3: Draped Elf Dress in Pink and Purple

  1. Hhmmm…. the top part, the shirt like part should be a dark brown, and the dress/skirt and sleeves part should be a red. And the bottoms of the dress and sleeves could be a goldish color. And the crown could be gold and green, and the little “camisole” should be red, and the little lines/embellishments around the bottom of the shirt like part, should be gold too. Would that look good?

  2. Ohmy, I love it! It’s certainly not something I would have thought of for a LOTR-type elf, but one of my elves would certainly wear it. I am a huge fan of gradients and ombre stuff. <333

  3. Bright colors or not, I love this dress! At first glance I nearly said “wow” literally out loud. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. i love this dress! It is so pretty and i agree with em. This is a perfect sunset dress, and sunsets are a beautiful part of nature. It is absolutly gorgeous. And by the way, I just want to say yay the masquerade dresses might be next week, i love masks!

  5. Not to sure if it goes with the movie but i can see it working still looks great and btw i completly love the films they are completly amazing love lotr

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