Halloween LOTR Costume Series #6: Goldberry’s Green Gown with Gold Flag Lily Belt

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I’m amazed that the first week is almost over… I’m very much looking forwards to next week. I’ve got an idea for next week, and that often means trouble…

Anyways, today we have a dress based off of Goldberry’s initial description in the Fellowship of the Ring. She’s described as wearing a green gown with silver “like beads of dew,” and a belt of gold in the form of flag-lilies with forget-me nots. And as her arms are described as white, I decided she didn’t need any sleeves… So this is just my interpretation of her costume, and if I could have just about anything I’ve drawn as a real costume, I think this might be it. It’s even prettier on the paper, I wish you all could see…

As always, vote in the poll if you haven’t yet… Have I ever gotten this many poll responses before? It’s almost up to 300.

13 thoughts on “Halloween LOTR Costume Series #6: Goldberry’s Green Gown with Gold Flag Lily Belt

  1. Oh my, that is gorgeous! And the belt just adds the perfect touch. Truly something Goldberry would be proud to wear.

  2. Love this!! So gorgeous. A dress I wish I owned, and oddly almost exactly the way I pictures it.
    By the way, I glued the October birthday dress in my mom’s birthday card today. She LOVED it.

  3. I finally got around to printing out the new Ivy doll and some dresses. The PDFs are terrific! I love the new, larger size too. Thanks so much. : )

  4. Thanks everyone, I’m glad it’s a hit :)

    Saetbyull, I’m afraid I don’t understand the question… Where do I live, you mean? Or where is the site hosted?

  5. I was torn in answering your poll (on which dress I liked best). It was between this one and the last one the white elven dress. Both very beautiful and two of my favorite colors.

  6. I think that this dress is gorgeous. Definitely a LOTR type-thing, and, I think, a perfect adventurer’s gown for an elf. I love the droplets on the skirt and the way the whole dress flows. It would be neat to have a tight, sleeveless, brown bodice over the upper section, like in the hobbit dress. But the skirt would be flowing. That’s what I like to do, is cut out the hobbit-dress vest and put it over many other gowns. It’s lovely!

  7. This dress is lovely! I hope you don’t mind me sketching this out and posting it on another website? I would give you credit though, because you are the one who designed it

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