Halloween LOTR Costume Series #5: Grey Wizard (“Gwendolf”)

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For tonight, here is my version of a female wizard. (My husband called her “Gwendolf” and the name stuck. My apologies.) None appear anywhere in the series, but it is for Halloween and I thought it would be fun… And it was fun, even if I used up a year’s worth of French Grey pencils, even if the end result is a little boring.

My husband heard me complaining and warns me “You should watch out. You don’t call wizards boring. They’ll transform you into a little toad!” I should not like to be transformed, into a toad or otherwise, and so I added cute little hem designs and dialed down the criticism of the grey. If I was sticking to canon I could have given her a blue hat, but the more I look at it, the more I think, well, she looks kind of cool in her desaturated glory… Actually, playing around with hue/saturation in Photoshop, I can make “Gwendolf the Off-White,” “Gwendolf the Lime Green” oh and you don’t want to see “Gwendolf the Electric Blue,” trust me…

I’m afraid this one is going up a little late tonight, but it’s still the 8th where I am. So far I think I’m doing better than last year in terms of paperdoll consistency.

There’s not much reason to put up the poll today too, but I might as well. Don’t worry, fairy fans, I would place money on them taking the third week, if I was a betting sort of gal…

4 thoughts on “Halloween LOTR Costume Series #5: Grey Wizard (“Gwendolf”)

  1. first off i love your artwork! it is awsome i wish i was artistic! and second off do you mind drawing a dress for november? i have searched both of your websites but i can’t find one!

  2. ha ha I like it “gwendolf” thats great! btw I love coloring your coloring oppertunities they rock! I wish I could send you the ones I’ve colored.

  3. “Gwendolf the Grey”–I like that. Your husband does come up with some funny things, doesn’t he? Also, “Gwendolf the Electric Blue” sounds kind of funny. Photoshop is fun, isn’t it?

    I’ve been loving the LotR theme–I can’t wait for next week’s masquerade costumes! ^_^ (But I do hope faeries win for the third week. I do love me some faeries.)

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