Halloween LOTR Costume Series #7: Galadriel’s White Layered Gown with Silver Circlet

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I didn’t really intend to return to elves for the last day of this series… I wanted to do an Entwife with an orange blossom theme, but I got started too late and my patience with making a dress out of leaves and bark just ran out. You can always tell when I just want to get done for the day, because the dress will be white. No matter how crazy and detailed it ends up, if it’s white, it usually means I started out in a grumpy mood.

Galadriel doesn’t get a lot of description besides “white,” making her good to paperdoll on a grumpy day. I really rather like how this gown turned out, although if I was to redo it I would probably cut off the gauzy middle layer of material on the sleeves.

That makes my seventh costume for Halloween: a whole week of Lord of the Rings, all finished. Uh, those of you who have followed me for a while (like, for more than a week) may have figured this out already, but it’s slightly rare for me to finish up a project so well and consistently: it’s usually one or the other. (See also my poor dancing princesses…) I’m rather proud of myself. Since I don’t think masquerade gowns are likely to be upset at this late hour, I’m putting up a new poll just to satisfy my own curiosity… It’s rather unfair to pit the black and white elf dress against the others, because I think it’ll be lovely when it’s colored, but oh well.

14 thoughts on “Halloween LOTR Costume Series #7: Galadriel’s White Layered Gown with Silver Circlet

  1. hah, thanks :) That’s just the way things go sometimes. I’ve started nice and early in the day with a plan and not gotten at all what I wanted, and then some days I start late and want it to be over soon and it turns out great…

  2. This week was some of your best stuff! I absolutely loved the theme. I’d love to see a whole wardrobe of the female hobbit outfits lol. They are so cute!

  3. Oh, how could you make us choose between all those gorgeous outfits? I said Gwendolf was my favorite (I think it might be because gray is one of my favorite colors), but it was very hard to pick one.

  4. Liana, I can’t believe I just happened to find you while I was meandering through blog land today. Your paper doll dresses are amazing! I used to draw paper doll clothes all the time when I was a girl. But nothing like yours! I still collect paper dolls at 50 years old.

  5. This is absolutely lovely! I was wondering… would it be alright is I looked into getting someone to sew it for me? I would love to lave that as my grad dress.

  6. I am so happy for me! I love your clothes. Draw one with a pink and lavender billowing skirt with a spagetti strapped sky blue mixed with pink and lavender (Lightly shaded in) and a arm band and a tiara. How about Prince William’s bride Catherine’s dress?

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