Halloween LOTR Costume Series #4: Hobbit Outfit with Green Skirts and Embroidered Vest

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So, as I’ve discussed here before, my mom and I would doubtless be hobbits if we were in this world. I did start reading the Fellowship of the Ring again, and I’ve just finished all the Shire stuff; aside from all the stuff about who was whose third cousin twice removed, which I am quite sure I would forget entirely, it sounds like my kind of place. We might admire the elves from a distance, but at the end of the day I’ll take the hobbit-hole and frequent presents…

Now, my paperdoll is built a little more like an elf or human, and you will have to draw the hair on the tops of her feet yourself, but she still gets a hobbit dress because hobbits are fun. And they like green! Yes, I’m so there.

Poll is still going… fairies could still take it all, but I hope not because I would love to do a week of lavish masquerade gowns… is it bad of me to influence the voting?

9 thoughts on “Halloween LOTR Costume Series #4: Hobbit Outfit with Green Skirts and Embroidered Vest

  1. can we have a poll for the 3rd week so that maybe we could have fairies as well. I wanted fairies and masquerade gowns so it was a tough choice

  2. i would definitely be a hobbit if i was in middle earth. maybe this dress is for an elf who got tired of being aloof and graceful, and chose to retire in hobbiton

  3. No your not in the wrong by giving your opion, Liana!! I would love masquerade gowns and I agree with Ana. : )
    That is VERY cute!

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