Evening Gown in Layered Fall Colors

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So I was talking to my husband about what I should do for today’s paperdoll. “You should make a beginning of fall fairy,” he said. “Nah,” I said, “not if I’m going to end up doing fairies for the first week of Halloween costumes.” “You should make a beginning of fall mermaid,” he said. “Nah,” I said, “I just did a mermaid.” “You should make a beginning of fall human,” he said. “What a great idea!” I replied.

That is what it is often like talking to me, I’m afraid. I’m a lousy brainstormer. But anyways, he’s a good one, and that’s why we have this dress today. Remember that, when you are wondering why I have a Mega Man costume up, sometime in the next couple of days.

Congratulations to Catie, who guessed my favorite Prismacolor color: ultramarine! Now, you may be clicking back to the list of Prismacolors thinking “wait, what, that ugly thing?” For some reason, the color on the website is completely different from the actual color the pencil produces, a heavenly rich blue. I actually don’t use it all that often, because it can be a little finicky to blend with the other blues – it has a kind of reddish undertone, and most of the blues really don’t – but when I do it really makes me happy. The 1893 bathing suit’s blue is primarily done in ultramarine, with blue violet lake and cloud blue blended in – and still the scan doesn’t do the original justice.

The poll is still open for set 1 of Halloween costumes!

7 thoughts on “Evening Gown in Layered Fall Colors

  1. Oh my, what a fantastic dress! And perfect timing, too, seeing that autumn has finally decided to grace my area of the world with it’s presence. The slightly rough ruffle-y edges to each layer really make me think of fallen leaves.

  2. It is absolutly beautifull! I love how the colors look together, and the tiney tiney leaves are a very very good touch!!

  3. WOW!
    You’ve made yet ANOTHER great dress!
    Could you maybe try making a chinese or japanese dress?
    I just love the dresses they wear even though I’m all the way from England!
    I have an album on my website with most of your dresses. Is it ok?
    I can delete the album if I have to.
    I wrote ”
    Lovely Dresses from http://www.joechip.net“.
    Is that ok to write?
    Is there some copyright law thing?
    Please tell me through email!

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