1893 Bathing Suit in White and Blue with Bathing Cap

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

I left it until too late, so I wanted to do something simple for today… This is just based off of a fashion plate of an 1893 bathing suit that I thought was extremely cute, even the silly little cap.

Still no one has guessed my favorite Prismacolor…

And also, the voting for the first week of Halloween costumes is still on, so don’t forget to vote! Feel free to suggest topics for the other weeks, too…

13 thoughts on “1893 Bathing Suit in White and Blue with Bathing Cap

  1. Thanks everyone! (and good guess Colleen but not right ;) )

    Monica, you’ll be interested to know – this is one I had to play with the color balance sliders a lot to get it right. Blues especially seem to scan out completely different from the originals… It looks pretty good, but not as nice as the original, I think.

  2. So cute, and true for the time period, also Thank you for the purple and green dress that you colored for me. my guess in colors turquoise or aqua or spring green

  3. Glad you liked it, Melanie Ann! :)

    Amelia, yep, I’m not thinking of the blender. Now, if I had asked “which colored pencil do I use the most”… that would be the blender for sure ;)

  4. I love Prismacolors. I have my own blenders and a set of 48 prismacolor colored pencils. I LOVE art and sketching. For Christmas I want a new set of Verithin Prismacolors, like the ones you have.

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