Ginger Rogers’ White Dress from Never Gonna Dance from Swing Time, take two

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So I drew a white dress Ginger Rogers wears at the end of Swing Time some time ago, and I never liked how it came out — I drew it a couple of days after watching the movie without much reference, it wasn’t well done to start with and my scanner washed it out. So it’s one of the dresses I always told myself I’d redraw, and then it got to be the number one image on a Google image search for “ginger rogers swing time” and in the second row for “swing time” and people started e-mailing me about how to reproduce it. How embarrassing! The skirt on the old dress didn’t look like it could hardly move, and it was so pale it was like not even a dress at all. Some nights, if the dress takes more than an hour it just isn’t happening, and this must have been one of those nights… Finally, I redrew it tonight, using this video of Never Gonna Dance. You can still see the old drawing, and I’ve got a link to it at the other blog post too, but I like this one much better. Thanks to a reader recommendation I’ve got another Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movie waiting for me to watch it, Follow the Fleet, so I’m looking forwards to that!

5 thoughts on “Ginger Rogers’ White Dress from Never Gonna Dance from Swing Time, take two

  1. Can you do an outfit (or outfits) from the A&E Pride and Prejudice please? (And Follow the Fleet is good, but I can’t remember much about the dresses. I think the one in Face the Music was pretty.)

    1. Hm, I’ve seen the A&E P&P easily a hundred times (that is not an exaggeration :P) but I don’t have the DVD… maybe next time I visit my mom and dad I’ll do one. They have a high-definition TV — I watched P&P with Mom on it after they got it and wow! those dresses never looked so good.

  2. Can you do a drawing of the “Waltz in Swingtime” dress. I think it is beautiful, just made for dancing.

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