Six’s Red Dress from the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries

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Actually, I’m not a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, but my husband goes nuts over it. We watched the miniseries together, and I was glad I saw it, but there’s only so much bleakness I can take in my entertainment. Ever since then, we have this pattern where I look at his laptop screen or the TV and ask “What’s going on now?” or “Have they all killed each other yet?” or “Has that Gaius got what’s coming to him yet?” and he will explain it to me, and about half of it will go over my head and the rest of it allows me to form an understanding of the fragments I watch. I follow along enough to know what’s going on, but not quite enough to care, I’m afraid. But I do love this dress that Six wears, especially showcased in this takeoff of the Last Supper.

Brian wants me to do the Viper pilot uniform (the one on the left), and I will by and by to please him, but I’m feeling lazy tonight so just a simple red dress. If you are cutting this out, I put hopeful little tabs on the dress straps, but I think I would recommend you remove them altogether and treat the dress as strapless.

5 thoughts on “Six’s Red Dress from the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries

  1. Definitely simple. The Little Black Dress’ sister is the red one. I have a couple in my closet too. But not quite as little as this one. ;) hehe

    I’ve seen enough Battlestar to know just a bit. Is she the gal that only the one dude can see? I forget. She’s always got some sexy dress on too, right?

    Can’t wait to see the black Swing Time dress. :)

  2. I confess to having never seen Battlestar. Well, I tried to watch one episode and I just got darn confused. However, this is one sexy little dress- I love the cut out and the color. It’s sexy without being trashy which is hard balance to find. Very nice.

  3. Yep, that’s her Janel :) I watched the finale with Brian and a bunch of friends and about two-thirds of it went way over my head, but the red dress showed up again so I was happy…

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