Livedolling the 81st Academy Awards! Penelope Cruz’s Vintage White Lace Gown, Kate Winslet’s Blue and Black Lace Gown, Angelina Jolie’s Strapless Black Gown

Click for larger version (Penelope Cruz); Click for larger version (Kate Winslet); Click for larger version (Angelina Jolie); click for the list of dolls.

11:56: And that’s it for this year’s Oscars: thanks to everyone who kept me company! I enjoyed this a lot, I think I’ll do it again next year too.

11:38: I think I’m going to do something really easy tomorrow. Like a mermaid wearing a paper bag.

11:33: Yay for Kate! Wow, I had no idea how the back of that dress worked. Glad my drawing doesn’t contradict it.

11:19: Ohhh, Reese. Talk about a seatbelt strap dress. I really like the shade of blue though

11:17 OK — now I’m exhausted. That’s it for my drawing tonight!

11:07: Just finished Angelina’s black gown, scanning and processing. I think that will be it for the night, I’m tired now. Glad I don’t work tomorrow!

10:57: Oh, excellent, a Bollywood number. Wonder how Wall-E will fit in?

10:27: Yawn. How much longer do we have to go? Ten more categories. I wonder if I can do Angelina Jolie’s dress in that time? Black is easy enough…

10:25: Scanner made a hash out of this one, but oh well. I might have it in me for one more, but it has to be super simple.

10:12: Finished with Kate Winslet’s dress — not perfect but not awful. Scanning and processing.

9:37: I’m not so sure I can pull off Kate, but I’m going to give it a shot…

9:26: Is the sparkly vampire contractually obliged to keep his head down and glower at all times?

9:23: Funny that Tilda Swinton is the one bucking the nude lip trend. I think she looks fantastic!

9:21: Score another one for lavish period pieces!

9:20: Here’s our favorite category, costume design…

9:16: AAGH. Now I finish and post the thing, I find a better picture. I was close but it’s not quite right.

9:13: Here it is, Penelope Cruz’s white lace gown. I can’t promise this is precisely how the skirt works, but I think it’s pretty close. I’m thinking Kate Winslet next, but I need to take a second and look at the new pictures. Oh yeah, yay Wall-E!

9:00: Done with the dress — scanning and processing, up soon. Feel free to suggest my next subject in the comments. I want something with color now!

8:47: EXCELLENT. If I’m drawing the Oscar winner’s gown, I’ll get more traffic. *grin*

8:31: Ohhh, such love for the jazzy Lawrence of Arabia theme. Had to restart Penelope Cruz’s dress but it’s fun. Expect it to be done by 9, 9:15.

8:07 Angelina Jolie went too subtle, I think, but I guess that’s better than ending up on Go Fug Yourself tomorrow

7:52: OK, I’ve got my first paperdoll subject of the night.

7:47: Well, Kate Winslet is doing the one shoulder strap thing too, but I think it works for her dress…

7:43: Now that is quite a mermaid skirt on Melissa George. I think the fetish-style corset lace-up is jarring, but I like it from the front well enough.

7:41: Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress is growing on me — I think the belt makes it not so much a prom dress, even with that poofy skirt.

7:29: is failing me. It’s superfluous considering I have the Getty Images pictures, but it just doesn’t seem the same without the inane chatter in the background…

7:20: Wow, Marisa Tomei also has the seatbelt strap that Eleanor and I don’t like. Just saw a bit of it — looks like there’s something interesting going on with her skirt. Hurry up, Getty Images…

7:09: Great picture of Viola Davis and Taraji Henson — I think both of their dresses are really nicely done. Still haven’t decided who to draw first though.

7:06: Yeah, I’m not a fan of her neckline or one sleeve, but love the rest of her dress.

6:50: Hate the E! football-esque highlight pen — love that color blue on Frieda Pinto.

6:19: Ah — this is how her dress works. It’s a little more than most of them are going to be, I bet, and it reminds me a little of a pinecone, but I like it — I’d just take off the bauble on the belt. And wow, what a train.

6:09: I’m watching at now. Did I see a Cinderella-style overskirt gather on Miley? I just got a glimpse…

6:00 PM EST: Welcome to Livedolling the Oscars with Liana. I’ll be your host, once I stop frantically looking for a live feed of the red carpet coverage. I’ll also be using images from Getty Images’ Oscar coverage as reference. I’m not the only one liveblogging the Oscars, but I bet I’m the only one armed with colored pencils and not snark. There are some cute dresses showing up on the red carpet already, but so far they’re all “TV personalities.”

23 thoughts on “Livedolling the 81st Academy Awards! Penelope Cruz’s Vintage White Lace Gown, Kate Winslet’s Blue and Black Lace Gown, Angelina Jolie’s Strapless Black Gown

  1. I am watching E TV, they are on the Red Carpet already. I have the tivo going so if I see some thing amazing I can pause it for a second. Not that I can draw anything. I am mostly looking to you for some amazing dresses.

  2. Good to have company! I like Miley’s, but not enough to draw. I’m holding out for the big names and hoping they provide me with something pretty ;)

  3. I don’t much like Miley Cyrus, but I like that dress. It’s very fantasy-princess, isn’t it? I’m putting it away in my head to use for another time–I like the scale-shaped layers. I’ve got my coloured pencils and sketchbook out, as well, but I’m not livedolling. I’m watching Poirot.

  4. That’s just what I thought — give her a crinoline and elbow-length gloves and she could be right up there with the other Disney Princesses…

  5. Not meaning to spam the comments or anything, but what the heck is with this random one-shoulder-strap style on an otherwise really nice strapless dress? Michelle Obama wore it to the inauguration day parties and I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.

  6. I like her dress, as well. I think it’s lovely and I like the silver roses (at least, I THINK they’re roses) especially. Except for the whole one-sleeve-thing. I don’t like it.

  7. (Oh, god, comment spamming again.)

    A LOT of people are doing that mermaid skirt… THING. I appreciate a good mermaid skirt, but I think most of the ones I’ve seen tonight (on Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce) are a little too much.

    I do like Kate Winslet’s dress with the one strap. And the Grace Kelly hairstyle. She’s such a beautiful and classy woman–she could go to the Oscars in overalls and still look wonderful.

  8. Now I know the name of those little glittering sequin all over dresses. I loved that dress, but would have liked some color.

    Wow, I love the dress Robin Roberts is wearing, what an eye popping color!

  9. These are all lovely and I must admit to being very impressed with how fast you can draw. I especially like the lace on the dark blue dress and all the detailing on the white strapless one with the full skirt.

  10. Wow… yeah, now I think of it that was pretty hardcore. Started at 7:52, all three dresses were online by 11:17. Three dresses in three hours, not my usual style. But it helps if you don’t have to design them yourself or research anything, too. I might redo Penelope’s — it bugs me a lot that I got the skirt wrong, plus the lace would be easier to do from the larger picture I found. Then again, maybe not, leave it wrong as part of the livedolling experience? I’ll decide later. :)

  11. Great job Liana! I was safe in bed nursing a sinus infection. :p

    I love your choices. I’m not sure what I think of Miley’s dress. While I like it, the skirt is totally something else. I like the shape, but there’s a lot going on there.

    Again, great job! :)

  12. Hope you’re feeling better Janel!

    I’ve read some mighty unflattering descriptions of Miley’s gown, but she’s, what, 16? 17? I think it looks more princess-y and less prom-y, I probably would have been all over that when I was that age ;) Julie made a really great observation, though — the skirt is almost exactly like a 1950s Dior gown. On the Dior gown, though, the sash is more natural (not stiff and decorated), the top is strapless and less matchy-matchy with the skirt, and the skirt itself is less symmetrical, which I think makes it look more romantic and less like a pinecone.

  13. i like the miley dress, but i agree that it holds a princess air to it. but it is the oscars the dress are supposed to look impractical.

  14. i just got back from an out of town trip and what a treat to see all the work you have posted since last week! these Oscar dresses as especially fabulous ~ what a fun idea!

    : D

  15. Yeah, I thought Angelina’s dress was sophisticated and safe — but not as glamorous as I would like to be if I was one of the most beautiful women in the world going to the Oscars. Ah well, that’s not a problem I’m likely to have any time soon ;)

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