Halloween Costume Series Day 5: Green Princess Gown with Pink Rose Trim and Gold Lace

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So what if “princess” is possibly the least imaginative costume for anyone past second grade? It’s pretty, and if there’s anything I like in this world it is pretty dresses. I believe, now, that I may be the foremost non-Disney expert on what makes a dress princess-worthy, for these are the kinds of things one thinks about when one draws lots of paper dolls.

I don’t know much about the owner of this dress except that she does like her roses, and I would be surprised if she cultivates them herself as the owner of this pink princess gown does. No, this princess is a bit of a terror, and she insisted that her dress should lend her a sort of mature innocence, that it should be both heavy and light, serious and frilly, and highly becoming to her porcelain complexion and rich brown hair. It it is no coincidence that her dressmaker took a very long vacation after its completion. But this, I think, is not the kind of princess to worry too much about the anguish of such people. I for one hope the dressmaker got far enough away not to hear about the princess saying, at her next ball, “Oh, this old thing? You like it? It’s just an old rag I had lying around in my closet.”

The veil should be cut between the gold part and the white fabric, such that the doll’s head can be slipped through and the gold band goes around the forehead while the veil flutters behind.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Series Day 5: Green Princess Gown with Pink Rose Trim and Gold Lace

  1. So the dress is nicer than the princess. I like the roses around the neckline.

    I’m remembering now that my mother made paper dolls for me when I was little. And when I was grown, we bonded over a Princess Diana paper doll book.

    Thanks for bringing back a happy memory!

  2. That’s sweet! I think my earliest paper doll memory is my mom cutting out the clothes from Victorian Mouse Paper Dolls with fingernail scissors. Gorgeous dolls and dresses, very finicky little lace bits to cut out :) I seem to remember she cut dresses out as a reward for some form of good behavior, but I was pretty young, so I could be entirely wrong on that one! Either way, it’s a gorgeous book, I don’t know what happened to the original ones but I bought another copy a couple years back :)

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous princess gown. I got fantasy and Medeival feeling on this one! Really nice to see a princess gown that has other colors than pink! The moss green color really get the dress a mature character (another really mature color is dark red, I think. I like pink, but the brighter colors of that fits a girl princess mutch better than an adult one!
    And, I really want to see a fancy vampire gown (or such in your Halloween costume series. It is a really classical Halloween figure, and I think vampires have elegant costumes, even if they are nasty.

  4. Actually, the first witch costume I sketched seemed to me more like a vampire costume, so you should see that very soon. (my husband said he’ll write a story for it, though, and he’s super busy, so I might have to bug him about it)

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