Pink and White Princess Gown (based off of Janel’s Pink Birthday Dress)

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This is based off of a dress that Janel made for her daughter’s birthday. After yesterday’s Calamity Jane, I needed to draw something extremely cute!

In my imagination, this version of the dress belongs to a young princess who loves pretty things, but isn’t prissy or as high-maintenance as a lot of princesses are these days. She loves being outdoors and she especially loves gardening. She’s growing tomatoes and wildflowers now, and she feels like she works hard to make her little garden grow, although that’s kind of a pleasant fiction created by the indulgent head gardener. I like her and would write more about her, but I didn’t finish this dress until it was late, and I’m tired, so she will have to wait for another dress…

If you remember a different shade of pink for this dress, it’s not just your imagination: when I first posted it, I posted the first version, which scanned very poorly (the color changed, I lost a lot of detail on the white parts, and so on). This version is closer to my original drawing.

7 thoughts on “Pink and White Princess Gown (based off of Janel’s Pink Birthday Dress)

  1. Oh Liana! That is so beautiful!! Thank you soo much!

    Ariana loved it. I wish you could have seen her eyes twinkle. She immediately wanted me to “put her dress in the printer.” lol Too cute.

    It’s funny that you mention the princess decription because although Ariana is a true girlie girl (she’s running around with lace gloves and a huge plastic ring as I type this…), with three older brothers, she is NOT the least bit prissy. She’s happy to play with bugs, frogs and salamanders IN her dresses. lol

    Again, thanks so much!

  2. Very pretty! Hey, I may not be much of a girly girl, but I can appreciate pink! (to a certain extent… ;) ) This is a beautiful dress!

  3. Thanks, everyone! It was so much fun to draw :) Smalltown Mom: the book sounds interesting, who’d have thought I’d get so many book recommendations this way? :)

  4. ooh this is really pretty it kinda reminds me of an outfit in Pride and Prejudice or from a Jane Austen book.

    Hmm The Ordinary Princess my mum has that book but I maybe should give it a read.

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