Three Halloween Costumes (Clown, Dragon, Gypsy) from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

Click for the doll.

As it happens, I’m entirely out of paper — I’m going to pick up a new sketchbook tomorrow or maybe later on today, but in the meantime the first of October passes without a single costume, which is very depressing. So, pardon me for falling back on my ten-year old boutique dresses once again! Here is a clown costume, a dragon costume and a gypsy costume for my ten-year old dolls. (Also, my devil costume and angel costume have links to the original Boutique versions as well.)

Look, an October poll!

5 thoughts on “Three Halloween Costumes (Clown, Dragon, Gypsy) from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

  1. Close. You were a peacock one year but not your first one (age 1 and 3/4) You were a US flag. For reasons I will never know you were nuts about the flag. Pointed them out everywhere we went.

    Imagine a flag about the size of a pillow case (which is what I think I used as the base) with a child enveloped in the center with your arms out on each side
    You were so cute. Of course it was decorated with red, white, and blue satin and worn with a glittered silver star headband.

  2. I thought the peacock costume came later on in life! I don’t remember the flag costume in and of itself, but now you jog my memory I do remember some awfully cute pictures of me in it :)

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