Marilyn Monroe’s Black Fringed Dress from Some Like It Hot

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So it turns out that Hulu has Some Like It Hot available for free, and I just had to watch it yesterday. Marilyn’s really good dresses have see-through parts, ruling them out for my paperdolls, but I liked this one that she wears near the beginning, even if I’m not quite sure I got the details right.

9 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe’s Black Fringed Dress from Some Like It Hot

  1. Dark… somewhat mysterious… I like it! And would you believe I still haven’t gotten to that beautiful pink dress? I commented and printed it, but it’s still waiting to be tried by Sylvia and Iris! ;)

  2. Marilyn gets a lot of cool dresses in this movie, although most of them I’d think of as rather the opposite of “mysterious,” actually… very pretty though!

  3. Yeah, you’re right, “mysterious” really isn’t the word… I don’t know, I couldn’t think of a better word. :D

  4. You could do what Tom Tierney does and have the ‘dress’ go right up to the neck so that you redraw her collar bones etc as part of the dress and show the effect of the ‘see through’ bit

  5. That only works if you only have one paperdoll, or they all have the same skin color — I’d have to do a version for whichever paperdolls I end up making if I do anything transparent, so mostly I avoid it.

  6. Hi–I stumbled on your site via Google Images when I was looking for Barbie dresses for inspiration. I do pixel dolling—my website explains. But, I adore–always have—paper dolls. Yours are amazing! You are so talented! I love your pussy cat too! I have one and she is my baby. I hope yours is well. This is a really awesome blog you have! Kudos. I hope to check it out more soon! Blessed Be!

  7. Oh dear, I feel horrible, I didn’t see your update about your pussy cat. I am so sorry. They are family members. I have had and lost many in my life, but each one….I am tearing up thinking about it–you have my deepest sympathies.

    They never really leave though. :)

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